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German Experts Investigate Malawi Plane Crash killing VP

A DELEGATION of three German aviation experts arrived in Malawi on Sunday to investigate the military plane crash that claimed the lives of Vice President Saulos Chilima and eight others on June 10. This independent probe follows a call from President Lazarus Chakwera to the international community for an unbiased investigation into the tragic incident.

Information Minister Moses Kunkuyu confirmed the arrival of the experts to Anadolu news agency, emphasising that their work will be conducted independently of the government. ‘The president has assured them there will be no hindrance to their work. They will have access to the site, people, institutions, and anything necessary for their investigations,’ Kunkuyu stated.


Given that the military plane was manufactured in Germany, the delegation is considered well-placed to determine the crash’s cause. Since the accident, there has been a growing demand from various sectors of Malawian society for an independent investigation to uncover the truth.

‘As the government, we seek these experts’ assistance to determine the actual cause of this plane crash that claimed the lives of our sons and daughters, including the sitting vice president. We will provide the necessary support to ensure the truth comes out,’ Kunkuyu added.

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), a quasi-religious organisation, has urged the government to avoid interfering in the investigation to ensure its integrity. PAC spokesperson Rev. Gilford Matonga highlighted the significance of the investigation’s outcome, describing it as a ‘make or break’ moment for the country.

‘The government must allow these experts to work without any interference so that the investigation’s outcome can be trusted by all Malawians. The death of the country’s vice president has divided people, making it crucial for the government to ensure transparency and truth in this investigation,’ Matonga said.

Additionally, Kunkuyu noted that experts from the United States and Britain have also expressed willingness to join the investigation, further emphasising the international effort to uncover the circumstances behind the tragic crash.

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