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GeoPoll Report Unveils Trends And Challenges In Africa’s Gaming Industry

THE digital transformation sweeping through Africa is leaving its mark on various sectors, including the gaming industry, which is witnessing a remarkable surge. GeoPoll’s latest report, titled Gaming in Africa, provides an extensive examination of the gaming landscape across Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, offering insights into the habits, preferences, and challenges faced by the African gaming community.

Drawing from the experiences of over 2,500 gamers, the report uncovers several key findings:

Mobile gaming dominance: A staggering 92 percent of respondents express a preference for mobile gaming, driven by the widespread adoption of smartphones and the dominance of the Android platform. Additionally, 92 percent of gamers have downloaded games from the Google Play Store, emphasising the popularity of mobile gaming in Africa.


Entertainment and relaxation: Gaming emerges as a primary source of entertainment and stress relief, with 73 percent of gamers playing for fun and 64 percent for relaxation purposes.

Financial investment: Financial commitment to gaming is significant, with 63 percent of gamers making gaming-related purchases. Monthly spending ranges from $2 to $5 for 29 percent of respondents, indicating a willingness to invest in gaming while being mindful of costs.

Barriers to purchases: The report identifies barriers to gaming purchases, with 47 percent of respondents preferring free games and 44 percent citing a lack of funds. Cost-related challenges extend to data bundles (42 percent) and expensive gaming hardware (31 percent).

Cultural representation demand: Over half of the respondents emphasise the importance of cultural relevance in games, with 44 percent expressing a desire for more games featuring characters and environments reflecting their lives, highlighting an untapped market for local content creation.

In-game advertising: Despite mixed feelings towards ads in games, 63 percent of respondents have made purchases after seeing in-game ads, suggesting their effectiveness in driving engagement and monetisation.

Visibility gap for local developers: A significant 56 percent of respondents are unaware of any games made in Africa, indicating a visibility gap for local developers. However, there is a growing interest in supporting local talent, with varying sentiments across countries regarding the significance of local games.

GeoPoll’s Gaming in Africa survey underscores the vibrancy of the gaming community in Africa and its potential for growth. Despite facing challenges such as cost-related barriers and a lack of cultural representation, the industry presents significant opportunities for developers and investors to nurture a thriving gaming ecosystem in Africa.

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