Ganduje Warns Herders Against Kidnapping, Banditry, Others

KANO state Governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje  has warned Fulani Herders  to desist from Cattle rustling or risk death penalty or life sentence.
Ganduje has formally handed down a terse warning against Fulani Herders not to get involved in Cattle Rustling or Banditry, saying, “anybody who is cut in such dastardly acts will  face death penalty or life Sentence .
 He made the disclosure  yesterday  at Kadawa in  Garun Mallam Local Government Area of the State, while vaccinating one Million Cows  on the formal launch of the State-Wide Mass Cattle and Small Ruminants Vaccinations.
He said, “Since our negotiation with the Fulani Herders to stop cattle rustling, Kano has seen peace and development, while the government continues doing good for the herders, therefore, any move to get involved in criminalities would be faced with a stiffer penalty.”
 Ganduje, reminded that his Government has done marvelously well for Fulanis, herders in Kano, from building a whole Ruga settlement for them to keeping to annual vaccinations, therefore Fulanis, Herders have no reason whatsoever to be criminals.
The Governor reminded that last year they vaccinated 703,000 cattle, with 664,000 ruminants and they have not faced any infectious outbreak, which is why this year, they are targeting one million cattle to be vaccinated, which is aimed at producing healthy animals.
He said: “We have succeeded over time in tackling cattle rustling and banditry in Kano, and anybody who mute the idea of getting involved in either rustling or banditry would be jailed for life or sentenced to death without option”.
 He added that open grazing is today an old model and gradually is being phased out, therefore Kano has since adopted a new model or Ruga settlement which would give Fulanis, herders economic viability
Commenting on the development, the State Deputy Governor, Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, urged Fulanis Herders to thank Governor Ganduje for ensuring stability in Kano and making Fulanis one of his focal points in economics discussions. Dr. Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, assured Fulanis Herders that the Government is doing all it could to make their life better through huge interventions, as such they should keep in tune with the reality of making themselves useful.