Fleeing guard declared wanted by Nigerian Police over death of only daughter of Kaduna based Business Man

FREEPRESS – The Nigerian Police Command Kaduna State has declared wanted a fleeing guard over the death of the Only daughter of a Businessman Alhaji Usman Bida based in the state.

In a statement issued by the state police command spokesman allegedly identified one Mr Joseph Aisien, Security guard of deliberately allowing the killers to penetrate into the residence of the business mogul leaving dead the only daughter.

The late daughter of Alhaji Usman who was also identified as Aisha Usman Bida, was said to have been around when an argument broke out between unidentified persons and a police Sergeant attached to the main building of the business man.

The statement further noted that, on March 10, 2016, some unknown middle aged persons who alleged they were friends of the influential business man stormed his residence in Bashama Road off Ahmadu Bello way Kaduna North looking for him.

The assailants had approached and forcefully gain entrance on refusal of the guard access to the building which had the attention of the Police officer attached to the residence to the scene.

While rudely negotiating with the Police Sergeant (name withheld) it was disclosed that they reached a truce.

This eventually led to sporadic gun shooting and violently marauding the residence of the absent business Mogul as stray bullets hit the only daughter (Aisha) who died on the spot of incident.

According to the police statement, Alhaji Usman was away on business trip abroad when he was notified of the incident that left his only daughter dead when he immediately cut shot his trip to attend to the cast.

Pained by the death of his daughter, he accused and informed the police authority of the role of his security guard over the incident which has prompted the ordered for his arrest on further investigation.

“The police is in search of Joseph Aisien and would welcome any information from the public about his whereabout that would enhance their operations in due course and we have placed a ransom for any one with useful information”, he stated.

Meanwhile, the family of the fleeing guard has also informed the police authority of their concerns over the whereabouts of their son who they reportedly last heard from few days to the incident.

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