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FLASHBACK: Nigerians Awaits Prof Soyinka’s Open Letter To Tinubu, His Ethnic Brother In Power

PROFESSOR Wole Soyinka, a Nigerian playwright and an award winner of 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature has been called upon by Nigerians to repeat his constantly satirical and condemnable letters to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his ethnic brother and friend whose 15 months in power has brought African most populous nation downhill.

This call is necessary since the once outspoken social critique’s voice has been muffled in the midst of deadly poverty and hunger occasioned by President Tinubu’s reckless statement on the day of his inauguration that led to the removal of fuel subsidy.


“When fuel: N87, bag of rice: 10k, Spaghetti: N60
bread: N150, live goat: 12k, paint of Garii: 250
Dollar:N180, University fees was less than 50k, crate of egg: N300, Lagos to Abuja flight: 20K, 2006 corolla: N1.2m, pack of indomie:N800, Wole Soyinka said President Goodluck Jonathan was worse than Nebuchadnezzar and even called the wife sheppopotamus,

“Now when Nigerians could barely feed, he is busy praising the administration and attacking opposition because his ethnic brother bribed him with a street named after him in the Federal capital territory.

“The truth is that that someone is called a professor does not mean he/she is the most reasonable.

“Professor Wole Soyinka is one of such examples of a jaundiced and clownished Professors whose stomach infrastructure and ethnics propensity far outways his love for humanity, an angry Nigeria. Mr Sule Sagodo told Trojan News Media Correspondent in Kano.

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