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FG Vows To Transform Youth Expectations Into Policy And Action

THE Federal Government has urged the nation’s youth to articulate their expectations, assuring a commitment to transforming these into actionable policies and tangible outcomes. This pledge was made by Dr. Jamila Bio Ibrahim, the Minister of Youth Development, during the Nigeria Youth Consultative Forum on the ‘Summit Of The Future’ (SOTF) held in Abuja.

The forum, a collaboration among the Interagency Youth Group of the United Nations, the Network of Youth for Sustainable Initiatives, and the Ministry of Youth Development, serves as a platform for youth engagement in shaping national and global policy.

“Today marks the beginning of a new era,” Dr. Ibrahim stated. “The Summit of the Future relies on your innovative ideas. Together, we can chart a sustainable, prosperous course for Nigeria, driven by the vision of its youth.”


Dr. Ibrahim emphasized the unique opportunity the forum presents to reshape multilateral systems and address current and future challenges, particularly through the lens of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“Our young people, who make up over 60% of our population, are at the forefront of driving change,” she continued. “This forum aims to capture your views and expectations to shape Nigeria’s contributions to the upcoming UN Summit of the Future.”

The Minister called for the youth’s active participation in tackling critical issues such as quality education, decent work, climate action, gender equality, and peace and justice. She stressed the importance of innovative solutions and inclusive practices.

“Nigeria’s challenges are complex but surmountable,” Dr. Ibrahim noted. “By leveraging technology, fostering entrepreneurship, and prioritizing education, we can create a thriving ecosystem for our youth. Inclusivity must be at the core of our initiatives to benefit all societal segments.”

Dr. Ibrahim encouraged the youth to be bold and innovative, urging them to contribute to co-creating a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future for Nigeria.

Mohamed Fall, the United Nations Resident Coordinator, highlighted the significance of the forum in preparing for the Summit of the Future in New York in September 2024. Represented by Walter Mulombo, Fall emphasized the importance of reinvigorating multilateralism to reflect current political and economic realities.

“The Summit of the Future will build on the 2023 SDG Summit, aiming to enhance global cooperation and accelerate the 2030 Agenda,” Fall said. “The main outcome will be an action-oriented Pact for the Future, covering sustainable development, international peace and security, digital cooperation, youth empowerment, and global governance transformation.”

Dr. Gifty Addico, the UNFPA Country Representative, underscored the youth’s role as the nation’s most valuable resource, advocating for strategic investments in their education, health, and overall development to harness demographic dividends.

Represented by Deputy Representative Mr. Koessan Kuawu, Dr. Addico stressed the urgency of effective multilateral solutions to address challenges such as climate change and economic instability.

“This event provides a platform for young people to discuss and collaborate on priorities for the UN Summit of the Future,” Dr. Addico noted. “Let’s forge a future that acknowledges and nurtures every young individual’s aspiration.”

The forum concluded with a reaffirmation of collective resolve to support youth-driven initiatives and ensure their voices are integral to shaping Nigeria’s and the world’s future.

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