Esan West Erupts In Joy As Prof Comrade Sylvester Odion Akhaine Declares Governorship Ambition At APC Local Government Party Secretariat

IN a vibrant and colourful political spectacle reminiscent of a grand rally, Prof Comrade Sylvester Odion Akhaine declared his gubernatorial ambition for the APC political party at the Esan West Local Government Party Secretariat yesterday. The event, marked by a sea of enthusiastic supporters, echoed the collective hope of the people, firmly believing they had found a messiah in Prof Akhaine.

Addressing the mammoth crowd, Party Chairman, Mr.Goday Okhilu, fondly referred to as Jealousy, expressed his elation at having a candidate of Akhaine’s calibre in Esan West. He urged Akhaine to engage with other aspirants within and beyond the party, expressing confidence that many would willingly step aside considering Akhaine’s impressive political and leadership track record.

Adding to the chorus of support, Dr Felix Oriakhi from Edo South Senatorial region of Edo State lauded Prof Akhaine’s sincerity and integrity, labelling him a blessing to both the State and Nigeria. The lecturer further advocated for the Edo Central region, emphasizing the need for other ethnic regions to support the bid for the governorship, promoting equity and justice within the state.

Remarkably, the event saw a diverse array of attendees, including prominent members from the Labour Party and PDP, who, despite their affiliations, were captivated by Prof Akhaine’s vision. Their excitement was palpable, underscoring the widespread appeal of Akhaine’s candidacy.

In his address, Prof Odion Akhaine outlined his comprehensive manifesto, focusing particularly on initiatives aimed at enhancing Edo State’s internally generated revenue. His vision resonated with the crowd, solidifying the belief that under his leadership, the state would experience transformative progress.

The declaration event not only showcased the popularity of Prof Comrade Sylvester Odion Akhaine but also galvanized the people of Esan West, fostering a collective spirit of anticipation for a brighter future under his governance.