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Eid-Mubarak: Osazemen Uzamere Felicitate With Muslim Faithfuls

I heartily wish to use this medium to felicitate with Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters on this year’s Eid-Mubarak, which is a Season to Foster Unity and strengthen the Spirit of Oneness in the Sanctity of Faith in Almighty Allah, who is ever gracious and faithful to us all despite our imperfect nature as humans.

As we celebrate the Memory of Our Most Revered Almighty Allah, let us continue to build the bond of Unity, Peace, Progress, and Harmony and Make for a long-lasting, Prosperous Human Society as brothers and sisters in the Muslim ☪️ Faith.


This Eid-Mubarak Season is also a time to reflect on Our Journey thus far as a People, State, and Nation under the Almighty Allah, who seat high above the Heavens and watches His Children daily as we hope for healing, bountiful joy, Purity of Hearts, Security, Productivity and a Better Nigeria

As a Government, we would continue to build synergy, sustain moral values, and advance the course of better implementation of policies and programs that would surely make Human Habitation Easier. At the same time, we guarantee a Safer, Greater, and Brighter future for the Good People of Edo State through Effective and Efficient Leadership over time, all to the Glory of Almighty Allah Ameen!

Once Again, I congratulate all Muslims ☪️ Faithfuls, and I wish them a Wonderful Eid-Mubarak Celebrations.

Ethan Osazemen Uzamere,
Honourable Commissioner,
Ministry of Roads and Bridges,
Edo State Government.

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