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Edo State Students Embark On Educational Tour Of Architectural Marvels And Cultural Heritage

IN a transformative educational initiative aimed at broadening the horizons of Edo Students, students aged between 13 and 17, representing the 18 local government areas in Edo State, were invited to participate in an exciting seminar/tour organized by the Ministry of Communication and Orientation to mark Democracy Day. With one school per local government, the tour offered a diverse and immersive experience for the young participants. Many of them were visiting Benin City for the first time.

A highlight of the tour was the visit to the education hub under construction. The students witnessed the progress and vision behind this significant project, envisioning a future where education thrives in a state-of-the-art facility designed for learning excellence.

The educational aspect of the tour was further enhanced by informative presentations from key government officials. The Honourable Commissioner for Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, Mrs Isoken Omo, shared insights into the Benin City and regional master plan, emphasizing the significance of urban development and infrastructure planning in shaping the future of the state.


Equally compelling was the talk by the Honourable Commissioner for Tourism, Culture, and Diaspora Affairs, Mrs Uyi Malaka, who delved into Edo State’s rich cultural heritage and untapped tourism potential. The students were captivated by the stories and traditions that make Edo State a unique and culturally diverse destination, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for their heritage.

Their itinerary included visits to the newly commissioned state secretariat complex, a symbol of modern governance and infrastructure in the state. The students were captivated by the architectural beauty and functional design of the complex, gaining insights into the workings of state administration.

Subsequently, the group ventured into the vibrant Benin City Mall, where they immersed themselves in the bustling commercial and leisure activities that define the city’s dynamic landscape. The visit provided the students with a firsthand experience of urban life and economic activities in the region, broadening their understanding of city dynamics.

In addition to these experiences, the students had the opportunity to visit the iconic Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, a renowned sporting venue steeped in history and culture. The visit to the stadium offered the students a glimpse into the sporting heritage of Edo State and the role of sports in fostering unity and community spirit.

As the students return to their schools, they carry with them a wealth of experiences, insights, and newfound knowledge that will shape their perspectives and aspirations. The assembly and tour of these young minds exemplified the spirit of learning, exploration, and cultural appreciation, setting a precedent for future initiatives that empower and educate the youth of Edo State.

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