Edo Residents Appeals To Gov. Obaseki To Shun Federal Roads And Fix State Roads

  • He thinks we are all senseless

Edo should beg Obaseki to forget about federal roads and fix his state roads

1. The Benin City GRA is extremely flooded with cars breaking down after every rainfall. He awarded a drainage contract of billions 3 years ago. We are yet to hear from him again.

2. Obaseki has been trying to dualize Ekenwan Road as his first dualization project since 2017. He has 1 year left in office and the job done so far is less than 20 percent.

3. Evbuotubu is no longer part of Benin due to collapsed roads. He should be called out.

4. Uwasota residents call in on every program on the radio for Obaseki’s intervention on their roads. He should channel our resources there.

5. A very minute fix is needed at Country Home Motel and Limit Road which is destroying vehicles on a daily. He should do something.

6. Evbuabogun connects Sapele Road to Upper Sokponba Road. Visible tears of the people. He should listen to their cry.

7. Evbuomoma connects Okha, anticipated to take the traffic of over 5000 vehicles a day. He doesn’t need Tinubu’s approval.

8. Ohovbe has lost hope. He should attend to them.

9. The road to Edo State Government House where he works is heavily flooded when it rains. He should shamefully do something.

10. Obaseki should channel resources to fix the old Sapele Road and shame the federal government.

11. What about College Road at Aduwawa?

12. What about Idumwuowina Road in Eyaen?

13. What about Uwelu Road?

14. What about Technical Road?

15. What about Owina Road?

The endless list of deplorable trunk B Roads in Benin City alone.

Add yours, and beg Obaseki to fix it with the 17 billion nairas refunded to his government on account of federal roads constructed by Oshiomhole.

~ Liberty ‘Ruyi