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Edo People Wants Continuity Of A Progressive State, Not Retrogression To Suffering, By Edeigba Ojemen

WHENEVER the APC governorship candidate and its followers continue to canvasse for support on the premise of A NEW EDO IS RISING OR NEW EDO, they confirm the fears of Edo people that voting APC on September 21 will bring the sufferings of Nigerians to Edo State and prolong their pains and disappointment. I doubt anyone who is patriotic and concerned about the future of Edo state will want Sen. Monday Okpebholo who claims that Buhari is his mentor to bring the misery to Edo.

Under APC, Nigeria sunk to the lowest ebb. Either in social, economical or educational, almost everything experienced disruption and disappointing recession. It was just a disaster that every Edo indigene must be firm to allow this in our dear State.


Sen. Monday Okpebholo has given Edo people the glimpse of expectation from him as a senator with no project attached to his office but fake flagged off of road projects in Irrua and the Ekpoma Achi road. He will CONTINUE every anomaly of the Buhari government that have brought Nigeria down on its knee.

* He will CONTINUE with the humongous debt regime that burdened unborn children.

* He will bring back the deliberate modular salary arrangement, which have worsen the situation of workers in the state.

* He will bring back the callous and irresponsible withholding of salaries until an election period draw near to coerce support for APC.

* He will bring back, and ignore the pains of retirees and refused them their arrears as at when due, watching many of them to die avoidable deaths.

* He will bring back the era when our mothers and father were beaten in the market all in the name of revenue collection by the lions and tigers.

* He will bring back the destructive education system that caused sharp fall of public school students in external tests and encouraged bad morals in our schools.

* He will bring back the era and run a secret government, where citizens lacks necessary information of how their resources are being managed.

It is UNWISE if not suicidal to reinforce FAILURE. APC have failed nigerians woefully and Senator Monday Okpebholo have even confirmed that he will sustain that FAILURE. Our task on September 21 is well defined for us and we should be firm in rejecting the misery that has hunted us in Edo State in the past and what Nigeria as a country is passing through.

Let us embrace a clear departure from the FAILURE of the past. A performer who has shown tremendous zeal to continue the progress enjoyed so far by Edo State.

Asue Ighodalo is very much prepared to take Edo State to another level of Progress in all sectors.

At this critical moment in the phase of Edo state, Asue Ighodalo is the ideal choice we need to ensure continuous growth and development. He is a compassionate leader, who doesn’t only understand our pains but is prepared to render remedy.

Vote Dr. Asue Ighodalo As Governor of Edo State .

Engr Edeigba Ojemen writes from Ujemen, Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State

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