Edo PDP Crisis: Shaibu’s Veiled Crocodile Tears

Sunday Aghedo
AS the battle for the PDP structure intensified recently by the unguided statement credited to Obaseki, just like the Russian-Ukraine war, we can easily see Philip Shaibu shedding crocodile tears about how their handful followers, the former APC renegades in PDP are being treated as outsiders. And one would wonder why Philip has chosen to be in Tears of Dishonesty.
“We MUST be fully integrated into Edo State PDP and the successful harmonization list that is all encompassing of all PDP members of both old and new must be endorsed and accepted at the national level of our great party, PDP. Anything short of the aforesaid might push us to where we will be appreciated and accepted.” Phillip Shaibu.
I say congratulations in anticipation for considering leaving the great Party, PDP. But let me remind you that the next governor of Edo State will come from Esanland for equity, justice and fairplay. So don’t allow your inordinate ambition to make you to be pushed to the media to talk about the impossible. There is no party, where you and your likes will be accepted in Nigeria, you people have a trail of destruction.
Where was Phillip Shaibu that is calling for justice when the governor was sharing appointments? The governor is new, so is him the deputy. The SSG, Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff are all new PDP members. 20 out of the commissioners are new PDP members. The two from old PDP are sellouts so one cannot call them old PDP members. The SAs and SSAs are people from the new PDP with few members of the old PDP to make it look like a balance was ever struck. Philip who wish to become the governor of Edo State after Obaseki cannot think we see him a blindfolded victim in this issue where the governor had been unfair. He sees and he hears. He cannot eat his cake and have it. One of his PA was made a commissioner without any credible CV apart from the fact that he is a new PDP member.
One of the worst attributes of Philip is his ability to want to be here and there at the same time. He will wish to eat his cake and also have it. He goes to APC members to malign Obaseki, courts Chief Orbih at any given opportunity but goes to the press to make very notorious statements. Some political pundits say he is worse than Obaseki who open show his pathological problems just like Idi Amin Dada of Uganda.
If Phillip and his cohort who want to thwart the Central Senatorial District from producing the next governor are tired of PDP, as he recently narrated, they have excorted the governor to the party enough, they can turn back to go and join APC, AA, APGA or whichever party they want. Its a matter of choice. He as a lot to achieve in politics, he can do so in any other party, it mustn’t be PDP. The Esan Agenda is sacrosanct and PDP won’t trade it off for any reason.