Edo Central Senatorial District: A Land Of Professor Governors

IN the mosaic of Nigerian governance, the Edo Central Senatorial District stands out as a beacon of erudition and sagacity. Forged from the legacy of an intellectual stalwart, this district has been graced by the visionary leadership of a professor, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of Edo State’s progress. During the illustrious tenure of Professor Folorunsho Ambrose Alli (1979-1983), the Osadebe House in Benin City became a crucible of intellectual governance, until it was recently desecrated by its current occupant.

Edo Central Senatorial District takes immense pride in its legacy, a lineage of professors whose brilliance and integrity have propelled the state to new heights. Indeed, it is a rare feat in Nigeria for a region to boast such a succession of academic luminaries at the helm. This professor not only governed but excelled, instilling a sense of pride not just in Bendel or Edo State, but throughout the nation.

Today, as Edo State stands at the precipice of a transformative era, another professor emerges as a torchbearer of this rich tradition. Professor Sylvester Odion Akhaine, a distinguished scholar in Political Science, embodies the virtues of integrity, vision, and dedication to public service. His candidacy marks a pivotal moment for Edo State, offering a chance to continue the legacy of intellectual governance.

Professor Akhaine’s candidacy is not just a political choice; it is a clarion call for change, a call to embrace a future led by a leader whose dedication to the state knows no bounds. What sets him apart from his peers in the gubernatorial race is not just his academic brilliance but also his vibrant energy and creative vigour. In a landscape often dominated by seasoned politicians, Professor Akhaine brings a fresh perspective, a dynamic approach that resonates with the aspirations of the younger generation.

Moreover, Professor Akhaine’s disinterest in amassing personal wealth speaks volumes about his commitment to selfless service. He envisions a state where resources are utilized efficiently, waste is minimized, and effective governance becomes the norm. His developmental vision spans the breadth of Edo State, touching every community from Iguobazuwa to Benin, Ekpoma to Uromi, Auchi to Igarra, and Agenebode.

Edo State, blessed with abundant mineral resources, has immense untapped potential. Professor Akhaine plans to harness these resources for the collective good, ensuring that they fuel the state’s progress and uplift the lives of its citizens. His innovative approach extends to the tourism sector, where he envisions not just local but international tourists, bringing foreign exchange earnings and global recognition to the state.

In his pursuit of leadership, Professor Sylvester Odion Akhaine seeks not personal glory but the collective enrichment of Edo State. That is why the great legacies of Dr. Samuel Osaigbevo Ogbemudia will form a part of his bedrock. As a Comrade he aims to deepen the roadmap set by Comrade Adams Oshiomole, ensuring continuity in progress and development.

As Edo State prepares to chart this new course, let us rally behind Professor Sylvester Odion Akhaine. Let us recognize that his candidacy symbolizes more than just a political transition; it signifies a movement towards a future where vibrancy, integrity, and visionary leadership define our governance. Together, let us embrace this opportunity and prepare for an exciting chapter in Edo State’s history—a chapter illuminated by the brilliance of Professor Akhaine’s leadership, setting new standards and inspiring the nation with his unwavering commitment to progress.

Chris Oshokha Ethuakhor writes from Etsakor East LGA & He is the President of Safe Edo Movement