Edo Central 2023: Elempe Writes Onolememen, By Elempe Dele 

I congratulate you sir on picking the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms, the feat was well received across the length and breadth of Esanland and even beyond. The gay jingling from your supporters were deafening as it is seen as the first major step in realizing the vision of serving your people.
However, I feel the forms you picked and the wild jubilation that followed was not just made because you alone picked it in the district, the jubilation was to you as a man and your great works. You have worked in sweat not for your own glory alone, but to help create what was never there before; the landmarks of your works are there to be seen. So even when you get to become the Senator representing your people, the position won’t be your own, it will just be for you to keep for the people you would be representing. And that is why it will be difficult not to dedicate this feat to the people who have been supporting you all these while. You are a shinning light to so many and they openly testify to your goodness.
I am writing you sir not just to congratulate you, but to use this very moment as a pinnacle from which we shall speak hope to the young men and women, old and new about your vision. Your vision is so bright that someday, some others will stand here were you are standing today to say you once inspired them.
The tragedy we are faced today is general but surmountable. There is always the question of who will go there to help us point these problems to the government for intervention. The problems are associated with Healthcare Delivery, Education, Infrastructural Human Capital Development, and myriads of them. You know them all so I am not revealing any privileged information. You won’t need to learn them, you won’t need to be taught, you know them and how to tackle them when you get there. Sir, leave no room in your workshop except for brass tasks.
I won’t and no one can teach you issues of love, honour, pity, compassion and sacrifice; you are an embodiment of these things. Until politicians do these things, with truth, they labour in vain. Until they understand these thematic issues, their labour is of lust not love. They are in wars within themselves, their victories are without hope.
You will not need to relearn these human attributes when you become the Senator representing your people, I know you will act upon them since you stand and live among your people.
The inexhaustible voice within you is still talking, and you will win this race, I know you will prevail in the mission and vision ahead of you because you have a spirit, a soul within you that is capable of compassion and sacrifice and pity.
Sir, it is a rare privilege to help a man in his travails and endurance by standing by him and with him, lifting his heart, by reminding him of courage and honour and hope and and pride…which had always been part of him.  Your duty will be not only to merely help men in need, you will need to be one of the props and pillars to help them endure and prevail.