Edo APC Should Get It Right Once And For All, Says Akerele

 …I am against selective justice.
On Saturday the 26th of March 2022 at the eagle Square in Abuja during the APC national convention, some unruly members of the party in Edo APC pavilion openly booed and jeered at the minister for health Dr Ehanire, and Senator Domingo Obende when they came visiting. For the avoidance of doubt i am not in favour of any anti party activities I rather resigned from government and be loyal to my party. Hence in the 2020 elections in my unit I gave PDP and his candidate very wide margin. The results are there in INEC for verification. And till date I am still in APC working hard for its success.
However, we must be very careful as a party in selecting some persons for humiliation over our defeat in the 2020 elections as this doesn’t resolve so many questions begging for answers in our party.
Senator Domingo didn’t work in isolation in the build up to the elections. So many of our party chieftains at the national level insisted that Obaseki must return for whatever reasons whether good or bad and they have the right to their views and stand.
While people like Senator Obende insisted that he hates oppression, Dr Ehanire has never really demonstrated interest in the activities of Edo APC by all intent and purpose, these are facts.
 And we should commend them for been open in their stand.
While we in Edo north worked very hard to deliver the party in 5 LGAs, we lost the entire Edo south and Edo central to the PDP. The question is why? Who are the leaders there? Where they not mobilized with huge resources and logistics? Why did we loss so woefully to the PDP?
Most of the chieftains who dined and wined with us on the eve of the elections all lost their units on elections day, most of them couldn’t even defend the miserly votes we managed to get at the collation center.
Why were the leaders that led us to failure in Edo south not humiliated or booed at the national convention grounds?
Why were they shielded and yet some persons singled Senator Domingo out for pestering.
This is not acceptable by all standards.
We recall that Late Chief Bola Ige’s cap was removed by some thugs in year 2001 and today the rest is history.
We must not condone thuggery and violence in politics as this doesn’t favour anybody in the end. Thuggery is not part of democratic principles.
The way I resigned from government in principles, is the same way I will stands against oppression and isolated punishment against anybody.
Akoko Edo delivered the APC and that is what should matter to us at this point, why have we not investigated what happened in Edo south? In 2011 it was only osun state that secured victory for the ACN candidate Nuhu Ribadu, nobody asked what happened in Ondo, Oyo, Edo and other states controlled by same ACN and nobody was molested till date.
Enough is enough of selective justice against those considered to have worked against the party, if those who betrayed us in Edo south and Esan are not humiliated why humiliate those who openly said based on these reasons ABC etc I will take this stand?
The truth must prevail, the truth must be said and the truth is constant. APC in Edo should embark on comprehensive surgical self examination and get the issues right once and for all.
A word is enough for the wise.
Thank you
Taiwo Akerele
Former chief of staff Edo state and house of representatives aspirant for Akoko Edo federal constituency
28th March 2022. Abuja