Edo 2024: Who Would Be The Purveyor Of The Edo Rebirth?

WITHOUT any fright of prevarication, the truth of the matter is, the fortune or misfortune of a people, their growth or retardation rests majorly on leadership. Effective leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality through the judicious use of resources via innovative thinking that aligns with global best practices for the overall satiation of the people. A true leader takes the people to where they ought to be not necessarily where they want to be.

Lately, Edo State has witnessed a dearth of effective leadership with the incumbent Governor totally out of touch with reality, unmoving, stoically detached, impassionate, and inept. Edo State is in dire need of a rebirth, a revival, and a repositioning for brilliance and greatness. Who amongst the list of the already indicated All Progressive Congress gubernatorial aspirants has what it takes to rejuvenate and renew our dashed hopes, restore our waned faith in leadership, and place the State on the growth trajectory?

Let’s not look any further, Prince Clem Agba is the Man for the Edo rebirth. The following reasons would suffice.

1. He is a Natural born leader who has displayed leadership and excellence from his formative years and with several leadership opportunities that Providence has offered him in which he has excelled, Prince Clem Agba has accumulated enormous experience and has exhibited capacity with his result-oriented approach to managing a team with the needed stakeholder inclusiveness.

2. He has a performance-driven mindset, he is focused with his eyes on the ball. He is not given to superficiality, He is thorough. With a steady and diligent hand, he tills and mills out results.

3. He is people-oriented, kind-hearted, and in touch with reality. This is perhaps his strongest personal strength. Even as much as humanitarian acts need to be commended and appreciated, those that does it without much media razzmatazz need to be accorded the greater commendation and respect. Prince Clem Agba has consistently but unassumingly and quietly touched thousands of lives revealing the humane side of his leadership qualities.

4. He is a peaceful man. In trying to articulate this point about Prince Clem Agba’s personality, deliberate efforts was made to recollect any controversy that has ever had Agba’s name in it and none was found. Agba knows that Controversy breeds divisiveness, divisiveness retards progress.

With Prince Clem Agba as the party’s standard flag bearer, APC stands a chance to seamlessly win the Edo 2024 gubernatorial election, thereby bringing the Edo rebirth for greatness to reality.

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