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Edo 2024: We will Not Allow Edo Get Into Mess Like APC has Led Us To At The Federal Level

By Kingsley Ohens

Nigeria is in a deep mess as we speak. Both economic and social trend are at a descending order. Horrifying tales and lamentations dominate public discussions. Even children are not spared as their futures are tied to debts whose utilisation remained shabby.


But what really went wrong? That must be the question that agitates minds on the precarious situation in Nigeria. Except we are not observant, the answer is too obvious because the calamity was foretold. The gaffe of entrusting the fate of over 200 million Nigeria population to an empty brain as president for 8 years now bear a weighty consequence on the country and still counting.

Instead of considering antecedent, Nigeria surrendered to deceit and feign hopes, whose incapability have disrupted almost every aspect of the country. For the 8 years and more of All Progressives Congress (APC) rule, the people of Nigeria are still enduring their anguish in silence. The little gains recorded by successive Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governments were reversed with inconsistent and untenable economic approaches.

Nigeria is severely bleeding on all fronts and its future threatened and the people of Edo State should not allow this to happen to our beloved state.

APC has shattered expectations and desires of the people and it will be utterly wrong if not suicidal to repeat the same mistake that led Nigeria to this sordid state to happen in Edo state.

In Edo State under the APC administration, from financial recklessness to disorganisation of schools, not forgetting unpaid wages and pensions, misused of power, oppression of our traders, among other failings were the hallmark APC led government under Oshiomole until Obaseki came on board and changed the narrative.

However, we have yet an opportunity to make Edo State continue to sail on the path of progress and growth. The governorship election will be held on September 21, 2024, and that should preface Edo people resolve to take the state from glory to glory by voting Dr. Asue Ighodalo and the PDP.

Edo does not need another political campaign based on denial and avoidance of some of our real problems. Considering the dire situation, Edo State needs a passionate manager who will explore the enormous potentials, both natural and human resources, to benefit the purpose of all no matter their social status. Someone that would create a society where both the young and old can satisfy their aspirations.

No other candidate better fit that description than Dr. Asue Ighodalo of the PDP. His conviction and resolve for a prosperous society is too audible to be ignored. As a business mogul, financial expert and law guru, Dr. Asue Ighodalo has proven capacity with sterling performance. He is the man that is designated to take Edo State to a greater level of progress and prosperity which Obaseki has started.

Unlike typical politicians who sought power for their selfish desires, Dr. Ighodalo’s purpose of seeking the top seat in Edo State is to serve the people.

He is a leader who will promote morality, not corruption; intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance; stability, not fear and terror; peace, not chaos; love, not hate; convergence, not segregation; tolerance, not discrimination; fairness, not hypocrisy; substance, not superficiality; character, not immaturity; transparency, not secrecy; justice, not lawlessness; environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction. He is a leader that we can’t wait to have in Edo state.

When they play the mischievous card, tell them what matter is good governance and not their ignoble sentiments. Tell them your support is to Dr. Asue Ighodalo and Barr. Osarodion Ogie that can render dividends of democracy and ease the sufferings of the people in simple clear terms. Insist that you are supporting a man with a great intention to transform all sectors of our dear state.

Edo has suffered enough under APC leadership and we can’t afford to go back to that suffering season. With Dr. Asue Ighodalo as the helmsman of the state, Edo is in safe hands.

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