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Edo 2024: The Task of Edo Governance Too Heavy For Akpakomiza To Undertake

Edo leaders insist on Okpebholo - Vanguard News

Dear People of Edo State,

AS we approach the critical juncture of our political journey in our dear state, it is imperative to consider the future of our beloved state with utmost seriousness. Sen. Monday Okpebholo (Akpakomiza) of the APC is vying for your vote, but we must scrutinize his candidacy rigorously.


First and foremost, Sen. Akpakomiza has consistently demonstrated a glaring deficiency in public confidence.
A leader who can not inspire confidence among the people he seeks to lead, how would he be able to attract the confidence of external and international community? How can he even govern the people?

His wavering stance on crucial issues reflects a lack of conviction, leaving the electorates in a state of uncertainty and mistrust.

This deficiency is not just a personal shortcoming but a significant political and social liability that could undermine the stability and progress of our state.

His traits of shying away from the public microphone which he has admitted is not only owing to lack of confidence but also lack of insights as to governance.
Clear and articulate communication is fundamental in governance, enabling leaders to convey policies, engage in meaningful dialogue, and represent the people on both national and international platforms. But we can’t say this for the man Akpakomiza, he boastful admitted to lacking this in the now viral video.
Suffice to say that he lacks the will and wherewithal to engage with complex issues, negotiate effectively, and advocate for Edo State’s interests.

Furthermore, Sen. Okpebholo has shown lack of innovative ideas which is evident in his political discourse, In an era where progressive thinking and visionary leadership are crucial, his stagnant approach offers nothing new to address the pressing challenges we face.
Edo as a highly sophisticated state with loads of intellectuals and creative minds, deserves a leader who can bring fresh perspectives and dynamic solutions.

In conclusion, Edo people, the choice before us is clear whether to entrust our future to a candidate who lacks public confidence, struggles with effective communication, lacks innovative ideas and do not engage with the people to know what and what the people desire at this critical time of our history.

For posterity, prosperity and progress of Edo State, let us make a choice that reflects our collective aspiration for excellence and effective governance.


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