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Edo 2024: Pastor Ize-Iyamu Should Activate His Memories And School His Illiterate APC Candidate – Says Olu Martins

Ize-Iyamu takes another shot at Edo governorship

I watched on television outing by my erstwhile political leader and elder brother Pastor Osagie Ize-iyamu. While I was impressed by his passion, I however am constrained to point out one major flaw in his verbal deposition wherein he stated that the governor of Edo State Mr Godwin Obaseki doesn’t campaign alongside Dr Asue Ighodalo because the governor wasn’t popular for lack of concrete projects to show.

Find below my response to the claims of Pastor Osagie Ize-iyamu otherwise known as POI:


I think the opposition has run out of ideas in this election because they keep contradicting themselves. On the one hand, they try to establish Gov Obaseki as the godfather of Asue Ighodalo, an argument that has since fallen apart because Dr Asue Ighodalo continues to postulate his own ideas and push his own philosophies.

Now they say Gov Obaseki doesn’t campaign with our candidate Dr Asue Ighodalo. What is their problem because it seems that the APC suffers from collective amnesia.

If the Gov Obaseki were Dr Asue Ighodalo’s godfather, won’t he be campaigning for him especially if Dr Asue were incapable of campaigning for himself like their own candidate whom they have to micro manage like a kindergarten child who must wear Pampers so he doesn’t defecate on himself.

Truth be told the APC is still in the past when a certain godfather must attempt to “force” a candidate on the people. Every aspiration is personal for when one decides to contest or aspires for office his convictions are his convictions and no one can tell why he decided to step out but himself.

Moreover, if you have a brilliant candidate like the PDP candidate who knows the issues and speaks to the issues brilliantly why does he need a school master. Democracy has advanced beyond the time Pastor Ize Iyamu contested and he must understand that it is now “all mallam to his kettle” ( everyone must be his own man and endear himself to his people).

Gov Obaseki has done excellently well and everyone is aware. The claim that the candidate of our party doesn’t go around with Gov Obaseki because of poor performance is a face saving approach by the APC to distract from the issues of their lame lackluster candidate.

No governor since the creation of Edo State in 1991 has conceived, espoused and executed lofty ideas of superlative governance that has impacted the Edo people’s life like Gov Obaseki.

Gov Obaseki is a cerebral and versatile administrator whose primary focus is to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people within the shortest possible time.

Since pastor Ize Iyamu is a chieftain of the APC, it would be nice for him to tell us where the state was eight years ago when APC was in control of the reins of power and where the state is now that PDP has taken charge.

In case the pastor has forgotten we would like to jolt his memory back to life that Edo State was a den or thieves and political jobbers who milked the State dry. Edo State was taken over by thugs and cultists that he himself once referred to as lions and tigers. Truth is we have long moved past where APC left us when you could get money idly for just being a party leader and not have any day time job.

Edo is working, Gov Obaseki is working, Dr Asue Ighodalo is marketing himself and PDP will remain in power come September 21st of this year as the people know the difference between where we were and where we are now

Instead of APC to school their barely educated candidate on how to stand by himself and deliver speeches extemporaneously they are more bothered or perhaps even threatened by the brilliance of our candidate and his able deputy.

On PDP we stand. Dr Asue Ighodalo is the People’s mandate. No shaking.

Rev Olu Martins is the deputy director general Media and Publicity of the Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council. He writes from the hills of okitipupa where he went for a prayer retreat.

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