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Edo 2024: Justice Ekwo Inyang And The New APC Choir

…PDP has a candidate and he is Barr. Asue Ighodalo.
…Our primary followed the provisions of the party constitution and other extant laws in Nigeria.

The Edo State Chapter of the PDP concluded its gubernatorial primary aeons ago; precisely, on the 22nd of February 2024. However, the effect is still reverberating and smoldering across the political space in Nigeria. No thanks to the raging anger of certain disgruntled members of the party and some uncanny members of the judiciary.


Hon. Justice Inyang Ekwo delivered a ruling in one of the cases challenging the said party primary. This has generated enormous noise or fuss in the camp of our opponents. To us, this is needless, pointless, undeserving and unwarranted. A cursory look at the Certified True Copy (CTC) of the judgment brought to the fore few pertinent but salient questions, in no particular order of importance:
The judgement in question came belatedly? Our party primary had been concluded over four (4) months ago. According to the INEC timetable the regulated dates for primaries across all political parties and for the submission of names of candidates were long gone. Now, Hon. Justice Inyang Ekwo granting the relief that certain delegates be allowed to participate in a primary that was concluded at the appropriate time is not only a miscarriage of justice, self-delusionary but a travesty or pretense of the highest order. This ruling came after an action has been concluded. Where, in law, is that possible?!

Who make party delegates? It has been long settled in our national jurisprudence that it is the party who determines who its delegates are. Where did the over `370 disenfranchised Ad-Hoc Ward Delegates come from? Who made them delegates? We are aware that all Ward Ad-Hoc Delegates election which held on February 4, 2024 were conducted according to the stipulated guidelines released by the relevant organ of our great party. The said guidelines stated the venues, names of party officials in charge of each ward, etc.

PDP candidate, Asue Ighodalo, disqualified? The plaintiffs in their Originating Summons never indeed pleaded the court to disqualify the guber candidate of the PDP. The Hon. Justice Inyang Ekwo neither granted such relief. This misinformation and disinformation was orchestrated by one of the counsels to the plaintiffs.

Can delegates challenge the outcome of a party primary? This has been long settled in law that it is only aspirants who can challenge the outcome of a party primary. The Supreme Court of Nigeria has ably upheld this decision. Delegates can only challenge the outcome of a party primary if the processes leading to the primary was flawed.

Was the primary of our party held on 22nd February, 2024 flawed? Not at all!

That the learned silk, Hon. Justice Inyang Ekwo, gave judgment on this case belatedly is a welcome development and a filip to the #AsueOgie2024 campaign. However, the celebrations that greeted an order which was neither injurious to either the plaintiffs nor the defendants pinpoint to a predetermined outcome which, though, came in a wrong envelope. And the judgment also came as a comic relief for the gallivanting hordes in APC whose hope of election victory has become very dim. Why the singsong of ÓFONÉÉ?!

It was with much odium and revulsive rage that Edolites watched a new department created by the APC, sang OFONEEE! The new choir department should be advised to kindly savaged their failing political empire by showing penitence or be ready to be swept into oblivion by the ravaging #ASUEOGIE2024 TEAM. ASUE IGHODALO, ÓRENÉÉÉ!

Conclusively, it does appear that the misinformation or distorted narrative that the PDP guber candidate for the Edo 2024 gubernatorial election, Barr. Asue Ighodalo, has been disqualified by a justice of the Federal High Court (FHC) sitting in Abuja, was a hoax peddled to cause psychological disorientation in the voting populace in Edo State. More so, it is a further step in the desperation of the APC to rig the forth coming election using their purported Federal Might. All PDP members and followers of #ASUEOGIE2024 are enjoined to continue with their campaigns in the strides of a winners and vigor of a champion. #AsueIsComing

The PDP in Edo State has so much faith in the judiciary and it will continue to support the judiciary in every way possible. However, we, the members of the State Working Committee are aware that there exist bad elements within the rank and file of the judiciary.
Our candidate for 21st September, 2024 governorship election, Barr. Asue Ighodalo is very much in the race.

Signed: Ogie Vasco
Edo PDP Publicity Secretary.

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