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Edo 2024: Integrity Group Calls for Arrest and Prosecution Of APC Okpebholo After INEC Verification Portal Discrepancy

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By Yahaya Idris

THE Integrity Group has demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of Senator Okpebholo, the APC governorship candidate in Edo State. This call to action follows a revelation from the INEC Verification Portal indicating that Sen. Okpebholo is not registered to vote.


The group asserts that if the INEC server data is accurate, it implies that Sen. Okpebholo participated in the last election using a fraudulent Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC). This serious allegation, if substantiated, could have significant legal and political ramifications for the candidate and the APC.

“The integrity of our electoral process is non-negotiable,” stated a spokesperson from the Integrity Group. “We demand an immediate and thorough investigation into this matter. If it is confirmed that Sen. Okpebholo used a fake PVC to vote in the previous election, he must be held accountable under the full extent of the law.”

The group’s call for action underscores the importance of maintaining transparency and legality in the electoral process. They emphasized that no individual, regardless of their political standing, should be above the law. Ensuring the credibility of electoral candidates is crucial for the integrity of the democratic process in Edo State and Nigeria as a whole.

This development comes at a critical time as the state gears up for the upcoming governorship election. The Integrity Group’s demand for accountability and justice reflects a broader public sentiment that electoral fraud and misconduct must be addressed promptly and decisively.

Further details and responses from Sen. Okpebholo and the APC are anticipated as the investigation progresses. The Integrity Group remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that the truth is uncovered and that electoral justice prevails.

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