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Edo 2024: Benin Comes Alive With AiO2 Parade, Happening live! (VIDEO)


Yahaya Idris Reporting live


ORGANIC and electrifying, the Benin City metropolis is bubbling as the much anticipated AiO2 Parade tagged “COME AND SHOW YOUR LOVE FOR AI02” got underway.

The city center, also known as Ring Road, is filled to overflowing capacity with supporters of Asue/Ogie candidacy.

Vehicles are honking their horns, people are screaming “Man Wey Sabi” and there is generally vivacious and lively atmosphere of excitement.

Several support groups are dressed in different picturesque attires with the pictures of Asue/Ogie boldly emblazening their T-shirts and flowing dresses of different colours.

The adjoining streets to the main Ring Road are not left out; sales persons are partaking in the astonishing sight full of bustling activities. Those streets are agog with life.

Several colours of baseball caps adds to the electrifying atmosphere as more people are trouping in with buses and private cars. Jingles from mounted sound systems on trucks fill the air abundantly.

…. More to follow !

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