FREEPRESS – “To everything that has a beginning must have an end”. There once a reign in Edo State, Mr. fix it, the godfather (from Edo Central) who was just but a semi-god in the determination of the political destiny of some of the present day Edo State politicians.

Edo State was under the siege and bane of godfatherism for over a decade during the reign of the political Goliath, gladiator and Juggernaut, Mr. fix it, whereby the wish of the people is given no consideration but imposition from above.

There arose one little David, a former labour leader from Edo North, in 2007, engaged in a fierce political battle with the godfather, vanquished and conquered him with the weapons of ” say no to godfatherism” and “one man one vote” which are his electioneering campaign slogan and mantra. Many Edo Sons and Daughters supported and fought with the little David to eliminate the scourge of godfatherism from the state, which they achieved with collective responsibility.

This little David assumed office as Governor after the victorious defeat and exorcising the godfather.

Prior to the Comrade Governor’s exit from office, Mr. Fix it reincarnated through him and a new godfather was born and the usual routine duty (imposition) of the godfather resurfaces.

The new godfather successfully imposed his successor against the whims and caprices of the people in 2016.

As 2020 guber election draws near, there have been make-believe that the godfather and his successor are now two sides of a coin and speculations has it that the godfather will disanoint his godson ahead of the guber election and what happened in Lagos State in 2019 will replay in Edo State come 2020.

I am constrained to say that a vast section of Edo people are confused people, if just yesterday they collectively said no to godfatherism and today they are celebrating and canonizing the new godfather and beckoning on him to give the final verdict on who occupies Osadebey Avenue come 2020.

I begin to wonder, what does Edo people really want?

Osademe Lucyiano, writes from Benin City, Edo State

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