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Don’t be Deceived: Life is a Bed of Roses

Frequently, many assert that life is not a bed of roses, yet in truth, it truly is. The commonly held notion equating roses with ease overlooks the presence of thorns in every rose, mirroring life’s complexities. Life, like a rose, embodies beauty but also challenges—each thorn a reminder of this duality. Ultimately, acknowledging life as a bed of roses embraces both its allure and its adversities.

In the tapestry of existence, a profound truth whispers through the ages: “Life, much like a garden of roses, bears the duality of beauty and hardship intertwined within its very essence.” The resounding echoes of Biblical passages reverberate, reminding us of the Garden of Eden’s splendor tainted by the inevitable fall from grace. The philosopher Nietzsche’s words ring true: “One must still have chaos within oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”


Life, undeniably, mirrors the enigmatic petals of a rose, wherein every vibrant bloom conceals a sharp, unforgiving thorn. As we traverse the labyrinthine pathways of our days, we encounter the kaleidoscope of experiences—moments of jubilation punctuated by tears, silent struggles intertwined with loud victories. Each thorn pricks our hearts, each bloom caresses our souls, molding us into resilient beings capable of embracing the oscillating tides of fortune and fate.

In the annals of human history, we find parables of great prophets enduring trials and tribulations before the divine light illuminated their path. Joseph, sold into slavery by his own brothers, rose to unimaginable power in Egypt, echoing the cyclical nature of life’s vicissitudes. The stoic wisdom of Marcus Aurelius guides us, highlighting that “The world is nothing but change, our life is only perception.”

Just as roses need nourishment, care, and sunlight to thrive, so do we require resilience, fortitude, and courage to navigate the unpredictable journey of life. Embracing the reality that life is a bed of roses fosters a profound acceptance of the dualities that enrich our existence, enabling us to savor the fragrance of success amidst the thorns of adversity. As we bloom amidst chaos and dance beneath the stars, let us remember that in every rose, in every life, beauty and hardship are inextricably intertwined, shaping our souls with every passing moment. God is with us!

Prof. Chiwuike UBA

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