DESOPADEC! Cash Cow For Delta State Governor, Senator Ifaenyi Okowa, By Dr. Ishaq Osagie-Eweka

THE constitutional provision for distribution of 13 % derivation to states that host Natural resources is sacrosanct as dictated in the proviso to Section 162 (2) of the 1999 Constitution as amended. However, it has become public knowledge that some Chief Executives of the various state with Natural resources that largely contributes to Nigeria’s Revenue generation divert and misappropriate the 13 % derivation accruable to their states as host communities.

As a matter of fact, the Agencies created by Acts of the States Houses of Assembly of these states to ensure even distribution of the dividends of 13 % derivation in the form of developments like Schools, Roads, Portable Water, Security of lives and Properties; Building Industries and other social infrastructures to the people are unilaterally run by the Governor of the states.

The Agencies are the Governor’s Automobile Teller Machine (ATM) to steal and launder the common wealth of the people. Take for
instance, the Delta State Oil Producing Area & Development Commission
(DESOPADEC). The data obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) shows that in 2021, Delta State received 141.93 Billion Naira from the 13 % oil derivation Federation accounts; being the highest amongst the oil producing states in Nigeria. Contracts awarded to contractors in 2021 have not been paid 13 months after the projects have been completed.

The DESOPADEC is the Delta State Governor’s Cash cow for corruptly and
surreptitiously stealing the common patrimony of the Delta State people and Nigerians by extension.

The Delta State Governor in collaboration with the Chairman of the Commission/Agency, Mr. Michael Diden (Ejele), Barr. Leonard Anoka (Executive Director of Social Services Representing the Ndokwa Nation in the Commission) and the Commission’s accountant, Mr. Sunny Ajamufia award contracts to Contractors by collecting Assurance/equity fee of 20 % from unsuspecting contractors which runs
contrary to the laws guiding contract award in Delta State and Nigeria; without payments to Contractors; on completion of the projects. Since the Administration of Governor IFAENYI OKOWA, this has been the businesses of the Governor and his agents; coupled with diversion of 13 % derivation funds that belong to Delta State People.

The information contained in this article is for the general public and anti-graft Agencies, EFCC/ICPC to investigate:

1. if contracts Awarded in 2021 is commensurate to the 13 % derivation funds
received by Delta State Government in 2021.
2. the percentage of the 13 % derivation fund that was allocated to DESOPADEC for
people-oriented projects.
3. if all contracts completed and awarded by Governor IFAENYI OKOWA’s cash
cow, DESOPADEC have been paid and off-set.

The One love foundation. Human Right Watch & Social Justice group President Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor have it as verifiable evidence that the 141.93 Billion Naira received by Delta State Government has not been properly put to use, stolen in diversion; that 95 % contractors who have completed the awarded projects and issued certificates of completion after the Commission have corruptly collected 20 % equity fee from contractors have not been paid. In fact, the DESOPADEC Headquarters in Warri was picketed last week by Contractors over money owed them.

(DESOPADEC), 13 % derivation is continuously stolen with impunity.