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Delta State 2023 Guber Elections: Who Does The Cap Fits

By Norbert Fidelis
AS the 2023 gubernatorial election date draws closer, politicians in Delta State are already pulling and pushing over who will become the next governor in the State
This is however making the slogan, building a stronger Delta fade away into the twilight  as the politicians are now more interested in what they will become, rather than what they will do for the State
A brief insight into the various ministries shows that activities are now more centred on who will become the next Honourable member, Local Government Chairman and Governor of the State
As at the last count, roughly six candidates are going for the governorship, election from the  Central Zone. These are
Sheriff Oborovweri:
This is the current Chief Speaker. However, he been seen by many as a rubber stamp honourable member as been not made the necessary changes needed in the house and is always saying yes to everything brought before him. More so, he does not have the necessary experience and aura that will catapult him to the white house
Ovie Omo Agege:
This is the current Deputy Senate President. His current political party, APC makes it look like a mirage for him to become the next Governor as the State is a PDP State always, come what may.
Kenneth Gbagi:
This man seems to be Delta State most notorious politician at the moment because of his antecedents. He has been found guilty of forcefully having canal knowledge of a married pregnant woman when he was a Minister Of State, and sometime last year, he was  found guilty of striping his hotel staff naked  one of which is a married married woman among them. All cases have been swept under the carpet and now he is contesting for a gubernatorial election in the State
David Edevbie:
This has been an Ibori boy and is also part of this present administration. However, his corruption antecedents and loyalty to former Governor, James Ibori makes his choice questionable
There is every possibility that the duo of James, Augoye, who is the current Commissioner For Works  and Great Ogboru will later join the race. This will make it six candidates from one region alone
On the other hand, the Delta South region is producing two candidates for now and they are,
Senator James Manager who is the current member representing Delta South Senatorial District and has been there for almost 23yrs now (since 1999). Your guess is as good as mine
Barrister Kingsley Otuaro  This is the current Deputy Governor of the State. Not much is really known about this man as he has always been in the doldrums and docile.
It will be recalled that sometimes last year, the Governor dissolved the entire cabinet when he discovered that some of them are already working towards their own selfish interest by planning how they will succeed the incumbent to become the next Local, Government Chairman, SSG, Governor etc
This same people are now contesting for elections. Something must be revealed now for the world to know. The urge and desperation from these people especially those from the Central region shows something is fishy. Im not trying to slight anybody or destroy somebody’s reputation, but if by any way power gets to them, then the State is doomed. It will be looting galore as they are not very good in terms of administration. They have the believe that a good Governor is the one that shares and gives money stupidly. That is just their yardstick for good leadership as shown during Ibori and Uduaghan era. You will agree with me that this government is the most prudent and successful Government in the history of the State.
However, people hate the Governor because he does not give or share stupidly. I have never enjoyed or gotten any empowerment from him, not even a job, but i believe in his Government. Some people just believe that using State funds to relax and enjoy makes you a good Governor. I feel awful whenever i hear them say it. Stop this zoning of a thing and give power to the person that has something to offer . The people of the Central and South regions are good in some other things which is positive to the State but not Administration, Governor Okowa, shine your eye

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