Delta 2023: Gbagi’s Criminal Records Resurfaced

Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo, has doff his hat for Deltans for having the gubernatorial candidate of the party, Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi, a distinguished Deltan vying for the number one position come 2023.

The KAFTAN TV Executive said the the party and Delta State are privileged to have the renowned entrepreneur and former education minister, Gbagi, to aspire to rescue the State from eminent collapse.

The international lawyer pointed out that the antecedents of Gbagi speak volumes, stressing that his membership of the SDP was very valuable at both the state and national levels.

He made the statement while fielding questions from journalists on his take on the strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), shortly after he Commissioned the Social Democratic Party Campaign Secretariat in Asaba, last week.

The prominent politician and businessman urged Deltans to remain focused and vote for SDP, revealing that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC) are the trademark owners of insecurity, corruption and poverty.

He reaffirmed his belief that Gbagi, would delivered the desired dividends of democracy to all citizens, adding that Deltans needed leaders like him (Gbagi), who are incorruptible to change the narrative.

Adebayo insisted that Delta was blessed to have the lawyer and criminologist as one of the persons that have stepped forward to contest for the mantle of leadership as governor.

According to the Ondo-born Prince, “”If Kenneth Gbagi was not running for governor, he will be one of those who will be an accountable trustees of the Education Trust Fund.

“We will put prominent people in the society who have seen it all, who are not thieves, who will keep that money and release the money to the governing council of the universities.

“In our time, both at the federal and in Delta State, we have agreed that education money will not be under the ministry of education. It will be under an independent trust.

Speaking further, he said: “Delta State has been an underdeveloped State. It has been a state where they have been robbed the most of their money, they have been denied if most of their money and poverty appears to stick in the face of being the richest .

“This State is richer than many countries in Europe. So, it shouldn’t be difficult for honest people to come here and be of service to the people of Delta State.

“I know once it is right with Delta, it will be right with Nigeria, because everything that is in Nigeria, the microcosm is here.

“We have the riverine side, we have the upland side. We have all the variety. If Delta were a country of its own, it will be in the G10 countries.

“So, what we want to come and do here, is to create the transformation and I think when we work with the people of Delta State.

“If you say bye-bye to poverty, you are actually saying bye-bye to APC and PDP. If you say bye-bye to insecurity, you are actually saying bye-bye to APC and PDP

“So, all we need to do anywhere you see us talking about farewell to poverty, what we mean is farewell to APC and PDP because they are the copyright and trademark owners of poverty, insecurity and corruption added as a bonus to them.

“So, what we are doing here is to work with the people, be honest with them and I believe that God will help us to enthrone a government that people can say thank God for these people.

“Our situation is not a punishment from God, it is the direct consequence of how we voted in the past and now that they want to release us from jail next year, they want to free us from the hands of bandits and thieves and corrupt people who have been troubling us, let us not use our own hands to detain ourselves.

“And don’t sign a covenant, a covenant of voting for money, is a covenant with evil. Don’t sign covenant with underdevelopment, corruption, Boko Haram.

“If you collect money and you vote APC or PDP, you and Shekau, have a contract because these people are on the side of poverty, insecurity, underdevelopment, division and tension.

“So, you don’t want to have a country where you cannot have a decent meal a day, where your young people consider as achievement when they get a Visa to even travel to a country’s name they cannot pronounced.

“So, if Nigerians, and I trust Nigerians look away and say we will not return anybody back to power that have stolen our money and they vote for the Social Democratic Party and they vote for new people with fresh ideas, we would have saved ourselves and our future generations from tension and underdevelopment.