Dambazau Escaped From His Residence, Not PCAC Custody — Kano Anti Graft Agency, By ABDULLAHI RABIU, Kano

THE Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC) has said that General Idris Bello Dambazau (Rtd), the Managing Director of the state’s Consumer Protection Council, did not escape from its custody but from his residence.
The chairman of the Kano anti graft commission stated this while responding to questions from newsmen on Friday.
He explained that Dambazau had severally been invited by the commission based on fraudulent allegations against him but had instead written back to the commission instead of honoring the invitation.
When finally he was at the commission responding to questions by the operations department, he demanded that he needed to take his daily medication.
The commission accepted his demand on the condition that he will be escorted home by security personnel to take the medication and return to the commission to conclude the interrogation.
On getting to his residence, he managed to sneak and escape under the pretext that he was going in to take his medication, leaving behind the security personnel.
“I wish to clarify that General Dambazau did not escape from the commission because it is virtually impossible to escape from here due to the level of security we have.
“What actually happened was that I left the office in the evening while the operations officers were grilling him only to receive a call from them later that he was complaining of health issues and needed to take his drugs.
“I conceded to that and instructed that he be escorted home by security personnel to take his drug and return to the office to conclude the questioning.
“They later called me to inform me that he had sneaked away. We are still looking for him and as soon as we get him we will bring him here to face the wrath of the law accordingly” he stated.
Dambazau has been accused of actions contradicting the functions of the Consumer Protection Council’s laws which the commission considers detrimental to the interest of Kano state as a centre of commerce.
Meanwhile, Dambazau is still at large and is being looked for by the security agents.