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Cultism Exists In Music Industry – Terry G

AFROBEAT singer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G has shared concerns about the alleged prevalence of cultism in the music industry.

He lamented that the industry’s unity is being undermined by the influence of cults and fraternities.


Terry G: this trend is discouraging some musicians from pursuing their craft, as they feel pressured to join cults to advance their careers.

To further lessen the pressure, he advocated reduction in cultism’s influence to foster a more harmonious and supportive music industry.

According to him: “In my time, cultism used to be in the universities. But it has entered into the music industry now. If we can remove it from the music industry, we would be [one] family again.

“But if there’s frat [confraternity] in the music industry, people like us who are not cultists cannot operate anymore.

When we held sway, there were people doing cultism but it wasn’t violent. It was about love. They said it was for solidarity purposes.

“But now, I can see the same family fighting among themselves. So that’s just the major problem of the Nigerian music industry. A lot of musicians are even scared to do music. They want to do cult before they do music now because that would pave way for them than the music. Let’s try and reduce the rate of cultism in the music industry.”

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