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Court Ruling: APC Cannot Win Edo State Elections Through The Justice Ekwo’s Ruling

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… APC should be ready for the September election where it will face state-wide defeat

By Kingsley Paul Ohens


THE Edo State All Progressive Congress, APC, is celebrating nothing meaningful as the party that ought to be preparing for the September 21, 2024 gubernatorial election ought to be wooing voters rather depending on the errorneous interpetations of the Abuja Federal High Court ruling.

The APC and its media urchins and cretins should know that the court order did not make any Order specifically nullifying the primary election of Dr Asue Ighodalo as the PDP’s candidate for the Edo State gubernatorial election as there is no reason for Justice Iyang Ekwo to do that. The ruling did not invalidate the primaries. Ighodalo is still the candidate of the PDP the was held in a transparent manner as stipulated in the Electoral Act, 2022. The pyrrhic victory which APC is prematuredly celebrating is premature and laughable. For those who can recall history, this same issue has been litigated up to the Supreme Court and both the law and precedent are clear that delegate matters are not issues to be delebrated upon in courts, they are purely party internal issues.

The Edo State PDP has affirmed thay the Congresses and the primary that emanated from it thereof which produced Dr Asue Ighodalo as the winner and subsequently the Party’s flagbearer were duly and legally conducted in strick compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and Electoral Guidelines of the PDP, the Electoral Act, 2022 and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999(as amended)

The APC, and its uninspiring candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo, should go and get prepared for the election ahead with several engagements wifh the people of Edo State lined up which will include a physical debate. There is no way the APC can evade the humiliation ahead. Elections are not won through back door store bought court rulings.

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