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Countdown To Edo September 21: The Prognosis Of Outcome (1), By Chris Ojeikere

THERE are indispensable indications that would characterise any set of activities that have become entrenched and is now a familiar practice. Elections into public offices is one such set of activities that have gradually become a tradition, which characteristics now lend themselves to predictability! Edo September 21 Governorship election is not different in that regard!

The natural curiosity that enlist onlookers in any contest is the arsenal of tangible and intangible resources each contestant has at his or her disposal to prosecute it’s contest and vanquish opponents! In this instant case at issue, the question then would be: what values, strategies and persuasive arguments do the three most visible political parties in Edo have left with them each to swing the electoral victory their individual way?

We begin our analysis in alphabetical order of their names. So we begin with the APC. Although some refer to it as Another Problem Coming, but I disagree! I will explain at the end of this article, why! However, by analytical observation, it is clear that the APC has been much depleted in strength and seem to have resigned their fate to a phantom of ” my father” that would be explained later! It doesn’t help that their candidate has become an unmanageable disaster, whose cobbled together personality is crumbling with speed like Hadley Chases’ cookies! Obviously, the party had relied heavily on lying propaganda and chicanery, but they did not reckon with the brutal rebuttal capacity of the PDP and the high degree of political awareness of Edo people now. Every one of the mischievous story they cooked up earlier in the Campaign, has promptly been torn to pieces by incisive rebuttals. Their dumb Ace card of Home Boy theory, who their Traitor General in then Diaspora PDP, had congratulated himself of inventing was ground to powder by simply exposing the sheer idiocy of it! That he will attempt to resurrect such an exorcised ghost recently, only goes to show how much they had invested their hopes in that foolishness!


Like the young antelope who started to dance itself lame, when the real dance was yet to begin, APC is almost completely muffled even before the middle of the Campaign. The defecting numbers of their Quality members to PDP to replace PDP’S redundant, space occupying, senile and politically deflated retirees, does not help the party at all. Defections would have been bad enough in itself, but when case by case, they all state their frustration about the irredeemable incapability of their flag bearer and the irreconcilable differences and polarisation of their Party leaders, then it becomes even more devastating; just as it is now!

In fact, so catastrophic is the APC’S case that seasoned writers in their camp, who otherwise would have deployed their master skills to at least invent a passable persona have found inspiration drying up stubbornly at the tips of their pens! How do you write into acceptance such blistering ignorance: that a full grown Edo State adult of whatever minimum education is not able to distinguish between a museum and a zoo? How would you convince this smart, critical Edo people of a candidate who doesn’t know where Akoko Edo is in Edo State? Or, if they claim he knew, could not do any mental maths of its approximate distance from Esan land? Let us even assume that you are a genius, and could attempt to convince us or confuse us of those. But just before you will begin, the same candidate is telling the world that he was going to ensure that his Party’s leaders are going to be on a first line charge from our State’s treasury. And of course, when the leaders are well taken care of at home, his father in Abuja will look after Edo State electricity needs. That is, in spite of the fact that ‘ his father’ has divested that monopoly to enable States generate and transmit electricity! But who told him?

We are not jealous of any form of filial delusion: after all, a man who had to write and failed his O levels at age 36, has shown sufficiently that he would forever be needing parental care to function at all. But what we are concerned about, is why this good son has not told his father that Edo people are dying of hunger caused by the verbal gaffe announcing the fuel subsidy removal with wholly unnecessary bravado! Why he has not told him that were it not for Governor Obaseki free buses, Edo citizens could no longer get to the hospitals, when they are sick, or attend interviews for jobs, when invited, or commute to their villages, when they lose loved ones to APC inflicted hunger. We wonder whether he has told ‘his father ‘ that Governor Obaseki is already paying ₦70,000 as minimum wage and ensuring smooth governance and productivity, while our national revenue inflow and IGR are constantly being disrupted by incessant strikes and threatened strike by his father’s federal workers. Time will fail me to tell him what he should tell ‘ tell his daddy for us’! But I think he may start with these ones!

So, APC has got its failure cut out for it from the outset, no doubts! It might have helped, if it was some dumb State, where those their leaders with one- eyed cognition, might have been recognised! But not a Smart State like Edo; leading by far in Diaspora exposure; leading by far in technological advancements,; leading by far in Civil Service reforms, skilling and retooling; leading by far in Cultural Heritage and Tourism plans; leading by far in enlightened youth population; quality infrastructure; intellectual input to governance; financial prudence etc etc! We could go on… How will the APC candidate cope with this first world thinking and trajectory, when he _still dey carry leg cross come…? So, as I said at the early part of this article, I don’t agree that APC is Another Problem Coming! I believe the Problem is ALREADY HERE!
APC, wahala dey o!

Chris Ojeikere is spokesperson, Asue Ighodalo Campaign Council

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