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Corruptive Powers And Its Visitations Of Anarchy And Bedlam In A Nigerian Home, By Ogbebor Uyi

20 Types of Corruption in Nigeria -

These are perilous times.
It’s a time for a call to action.
If those in authority see no need for action then the people must sound a new battle cry.
For how long shall we continue to play the Ostrich while in the middle of a terror war that has been unleashed on the citizens of Nigeria by foreign agents and their collaborators within and outside Nigeria?
It’s like being in the eye of a raging storm, waiting for it to get to one and be swept in it’s vortex.
To your tent O Israel! Was a cry of rebellion in the days of old, as we learned from the bible.
What shall be our cry now?
Would it be wrong to say the Nigeria state, our dearly beloved mother, has failed us her children/citizens?
With a clear state of mind and without ethno-religious bigotry, we would appreciate the State of Israel and how she protects her citizens whom are united in confronting the raging terror when it came calling.
Of present happenings in the middle east, specifically in Gaza, it is not a bible story but the resilience of a people to confront and eradicate evil is at play.
Why do we as a people still leave everything, everywork to the almighty Father, after we have been blessed and enabled to confront every challenge/vagaries of life bedeviling us and our society?
The Jews of the State of Israel, the source of our modern religious beliefs, are not docile like us, as we have refused to confront the evil that has constituted a menace in our dearly beloved country, Nigeria.
Our beloved nation’s with the leadership, at every level, with its inability to mobilize the people to confront, subdue and possibly eradication of this menace from our society and nation.
Is this a lack of will and drive? Is this nondecisive/lukewarm approach attributable to certain highly placed/politically exposed persons, whom are beneficiaries, involved in orchestrating this unending insecurity? Is the government and her agents sabotaging itself, also thwarting the efforts and push of same government to eradicate this menace of insecurity bedeviling our dear Nigeria?
We are now like a people subjugated, in the face of present danger, under terror and united only in defeat because our dear native land has abandoned us to our faith.
While awaiting further conquest and subjugation by the modern conqueror/colonists, riding on an iron horse and a stick of fire that spits death strapped on the body, in the garb of, by Nigeria definition,
bandits/terrorist, boko haram, iswap, herdsmen, etc.
In light of these facts and without equivocation, it is clear the Nigeria state has abandoned us and our hands tired behind our backs. We therefore, are unable to act for or by ourselves, even in self defence in the face of this present annihilation by these non state actors.
It’s with deep sense realization of abandonment and its attendant frustration, as all indicators points to the fact that these non state actors are sponsored by some privileged few in our society, to continue to hold the majority of our citizens down with terror, which is constantly unleashed without abating.
This unabating terror has sent a large number of Nigeria citizens to their early grave and so much others displaced from their ancestral homes, neighbours, family and friends into internally displaced persons, IDP, camps, which are scattered all over Nigeria.
This menace of terror is beyond political party; beyond political affiliation/affinity or sympathy; beyond successive governments; beyond blame game or blackmail, as it continually grinds, threatens our humanity and existence as a people, whom are united under our common ancestry of nationhood. It is tearing the fabric of our sociocultural communal lives to irredeemable shreds.
The people must rise up to this new cry of enough is enough!
My heart bleeds for Dr. Gimba and family. May the soul of his teenage son rest in peace.
Wish we can do more!
Writes from Abuja.


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