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Confusion As Edo PDP Launches ‘Obidients For AI’ Billboard Across The State


Ahead of the 2024 governorship election in Edo state, a billboard carrying the picture of Asue Ighodalo, the PDP candidate with the caption, “Obidients for AI” has sparked reactions on social media.

While a section of netizens opine that Labour Party supporters have endorsed Ighodalo, another section holds that the advert reflects how desperate PDP and APC supporters are to secure support from Obidients of the Labour Party. This is on the claim that Obidients have been deemed indispensable in determining the leadership of the state.

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“It’s not exactly that these politicians strongly rely on the movement to win. It is that they see the movement as a “credible and popular force” that’d offer them “credibility and popularity cover” going into the election. So, when they brazenly rig the election, they’ll get public approval of having “popular support.

“Obidients the new bride in town. I thought they said Obidients are only online.”

DevilsEqual(m) said, “In the Southwest, it was LP top to bottom but elsewhere, it’s not the same case and you’d have to selectively choose from other parties

“One must be dumb to be an Obidient. The hypocrisy stinks cheesy cheesy.”

slivertongue said, “Asue seem favoured by the people.”

Dpharisee said, “We have said it severally that Obidient represents progress of the country and a new Nigeria, its a movement and not a political party, Peter Obi is the poster boy of the movement because of his impeccable integrity.”

Jostoman deferred, “Point of correction PDP doesnt hate obedient, infact it is only BAT APC supporters that hate obedients.

“Many members of PDP are actually Obidient including Obaseki who said openly that even his family members are Obidient reason he chose a staunch Obidient as his Deputy Governor after the impeachment of Shaibu.”

TechBaron said, “Those billboards won’t be standing by the weekend. They’ll bring them down!”


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