CHIEF PATRICK EHOLOR: A Man Who Earns the Moniker, “ULTIMATE EQUAL” Celebrates Another Milestone

By Eben Enasco Reporting.

CONFLICT, insecurity, weak institutions, and limited access to justice remain great threats to sustainable development.

This has become a source of worry for Chief Patrick Eholor, a Democratic Socialist Crusader by miles.

For the better part of his life, Chief Patrick Eholor, who earned the MONIKER, ULTIMATE EQUAL, has spent it on advocacy for the liberation of the plebians.

His portrayal as a leader, who regularly defends the rights of the underprivileged is underscored by his diplomatic skills and positions.

If we are to chronicle his achievements, particularly where his advocacy roles for a better society have trended, it will be an understatement to say it can only be stored in tomes where he is held in awe for his insightful views.

This great Benin Apostle has lived for others and as he marks his God’s preservation years on earth, drums should be rolled out
to celebrate one of the most eminent persons to ever come from
the Benin Nation.

Like Thomas Paine, English-born American philosopher and political theorist, Chief Patrick Eholor’s concerns for both democracy and social justice marked him out as a key precursor of democratic socialism.

This year, another glorious year has been added to crown his efforts in the gallery of the Struggle.

Let’s make it worth celebrating for this humanist, who goes to the house of Justice without a legal robe, yet defends the defenseless