Campaigning against PDP will be easy, says Amaechi

Campaigning against PDP will be easy, says Amaechi

FREEPRESS – Nigeria’s transportation minister and the director-general of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organisation, Rotimi Amechi ,has said the ruling All Progressives Congress will have it easy campaigning against the opposition People’s Democratic Party in the forthcoming 2019 general election.

“We are going to focus as usual on security, corruption and economy. it is so easy to campaign against PDP,” Amaechi said on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics.

“There is no opposition party. PDP was in government for 16 years so they have a scorecard as we have been in government for three and half years, we have a scorecard too.”

Amaechi was a two-term governor of Rivers State on the platform of PDP before his defection in 2014 to the ruling party.  He was also the chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum. Before then, Amaechi was elected member of the River State House of Assembly and subsequently the speaker of that House.

“What we are saying to Nigerians is that we will not lose focus. we are focusing on infrastructure, roads, power, railways seaports. Basically we are saying to them trust us,” Amaechi said.

“We promised change and there is a huge change in Nigeria. We are not going back to the rent economy where people will just go to see the governor or minister and then cash away with cash,” he added.

He also stated that members of the opposition party should stop portraying themselves as “angels” because “they can’t transform from being a Satan to an angel.”

The minister said the difference between the ruling party and the opposition party is that APC borrows money to build the country’s project, unlike PDP that borrowed money to pay salary.

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