Buhari Mocks Obaseki In Satirical Conversation In Aso Rock!

By Otor Drama
PMB: Ah Godwin. What Brings You To The Villa? How Are My People In Ondo?
Obaseki: It Is Edo, Your Excellency, Not Ondo
PMB: Tor, I  Get Confused Sometimes. So What Can I Do For You?
Obaseki: Baba, I  Have A Problem In My New Party
PMB: You Mean Oshiomole Has Joined PDP?
Obaseki: No Baba. He’s Still In APC
PMB: Then What Is The Problem? I Thought He Was Your Problem.  I Hope You Have Not Gone To Start Quarrel There Again?
Obaseki: No Baba. It’s Just That They Stubbornly Refused To Give Me Their Structure As The Leader Of The Party In The State. And I Want To Deal With Them
PMB: Structure Is Not Something You Force. You Negotiate & Make Compromise. That’s What I Did With Tinubu And You See How It Helped After Several Failed Attempts.  Have You Tried Negotiating With Those Who Held The Structure Before You Joined?
Obaseki: No, Excellency. But I Was Told By Their Leaders In Abuja When I Was Joining Them That As Governor I Will Be In Charge.
PMB: Okay So Why Is There A Problem? Go And Meet Those Who Told You So To Give You The Structure.
Obaseki: Those Ones? Na Mumu Politicians Dem Be. Big, Big Names & Chieftaincy Titles Common Block Dem Nor Mould Not To Talk Of Structure!
PMB: So What Do You Want Me To Do?
Obaseki: I Want You To Coman Arrest Dem For Me, Your Excellency. Lock Them Till They Give Me Their Structures
PMB: You Know I Can’t Do That. Star Boy Will Quote Law For Me. That’s The Problem Of Having A Law Professor As Your Vice.
Obaseki: Okay Then, Their National Convention Is This Month End. I Want You To Ban Gathering. Declare Covid-19 Lockdown! That Convention Must Not Hold Except They Give Me What I Want
PMB: You Know My Son, Goodluck, Is With Them. I Don’t Do Anything That Will Make Him Unhappy.  And That Their Old Goat Baba That Likes Writing Open Letter To The President Is Still Around. And That Rude Boy In Port Harcourt….I Can’t Shout Please.
Obaseki: (Grumbling)…..Ahhhhhhhhh, Me I Came To You For Support….I Don’t Know What You Are Saying…..Those People Cannot Win Me O. I Nor Dey Lose Fight O…..Ahhhhhh…
PMB: Wee You Kipkwayet! Go Back To Asaba & Call For A Proper Meeting With The Real Leaders & Things Will Be Fine
Obaseki: Asaba, Sir?
PMB: Yes, Is Asaba Not Your State Capital?
Obaseki: No Sir It’s Benin City
PMB: No Wonder! Stubborn People. The Queen Always Complain About Them Anytime I Am In London For Medical Treatment. Are You From Benin?
Obaseki: Yes Sir, My Great, Great Grand Father Was The One That Got Oba Overanwen Exiled To Calabar
PMB: Okay The “Thing” Dey Una Bodi. Anyway Do As Advised. Nor Be Everytime Person Dey Fight. Embrace Peace & It Shall Be Well With You.
Obaseki: I May Have To Come Back To APC Then O. Then I Will Bulldoze That Their Yeye Secretariat In Benin City! I Will Show Them I’m Governor!
PMB: It’s Time For My Next Prayer. Discuss Your Return With Your Colleague Who Handles It.
Walking Him Out…..
PMB: I Will Be Travelling To Turkey Soon To Sign An MOU With The Turkish Government On Textile Manufacturing. I Will Like You To Accompany Me
Obaseki: (Very Elatedly) Thank You, Your Excellency.  You Know That’s My Area Of Specialisation.  Signing MOUs.