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Buchi Advocates For Women’s Sexual Liberation And Empowerment

Solomon Buchi, a commentator and life coach, recently criticized the “alpha male” movement for its demeaning portrayal of women with a sexually explorative past. In a passionate post on X, he argued against labeling these women as “damaged goods,” emphasizing that they deserve respect regardless of their past choices.

Buchi condemned the language used by some to commodify and dehumanize these women, rejecting terms like “leftovers” to describe women in their 30s who have had active sexual histories. He acknowledged the consequences of promiscuity but stressed that women should not face perpetual shame for their past actions once they seek to change their lives.

Highlighting the hypocrisy in some Christians shaming women who turn to religion or seek redemption later in life, Buchi referenced biblical examples of compassion towards women, such as Jesus’ respectful treatment of the adulterous woman. He vehemently opposed the notion that any woman is beyond redemption, urging against the double standard that often disparages women for choices men are rarely criticized for.


His post on X sparked varied reactions, with some supporting his views while others disagreed, reflecting ongoing debates around gender, sexuality, and societal expectations.

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