BREAKING: Army Dismisses Soldiers Implicated Over Killing Of Cleric, Goni Aisami

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THE Nigerian Army on Saturday dismissed the two soldiers – John Gabriel and Gideon Adamu – implicated in the killing of popular Yobe Islamic cleric, Goni Aisami.

The dismissal of the soldiers was announced at an event held at the 241 RECCE Battalion Nguru, where the soldiers were serving.

The dismissal of the soldiers marked the beginning of their civil trial. They will be returned to the police to be prosecuted for their alleged crime.

Mr Gabriel confessed to killing Mr Aisami on 19 August 2022 while trying to steal his car. The cleric had given him a lift from a military checkpoint where he was stationed.

The Acting General Commanding Officer 241 RECCE Battalion I O Sabo, a Lieutenant Colonel, told journalists that the action of the soldiers did not reflect the image of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

He noted that the soldiers would be handed over to the police at Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, by the Sector II headquarter, for civil prosecution of the army.

“Good afternoon gentlemen. You are welcome to join the 24i RECCE Battalion Nugu. My name is Lt. Col. I O Sabo, the Acting Commanding General Officer.

“You are all aware of what happened a week ago when our service peronnel of this unit went out to commit atrocities where the Nigeria police arrested them.

“Thanks to Almighty Allah that we were able to do what is needful. The first phase of what we did was to initiate a military police investigation and the report gave us the latitude to sanction them based on the sections of Armed Forces laws.

“They are now officially dismissed from the regiment from the Nigerian Army. We are taking them back to the sector headquarters in Damaturu which will now officially hand them over to the Nigeria Police to face their civil prosecution.

“Obviously, these men can never represent us. We are being paid by the Nigerian taxpayers’ money to hold guns and defend this country but these soldiers were not the true reflection of the Nigerian Army personnel. We want to assure you that we are law-abiding citizens and we want to dispense justice. If I am found wanting like these men, the same thing will happen to me.

“What you are seeing is the ‘dekitting’ of these soldiers. We will collect all military belongings in their care and even send their families packing out of this place,” Mr Sabo said.