Brain Drain: Sanusi Appeals To Youths Amid Unprecedented Migration

Muhammadu Sanusi II, former Emir of Kano, has appealed to youths to stop running abroad for greener pasture and come together to build Nigeria.

Sanusi, who spoke at a stage play titled ‘A Truth in Time’, implored the youths to start holding public officers accountable.

The play, which depicted the life and times of Sanusi, was written by Ahmed Yerima, a professor of drama at Redeemer’s University, and produced by the Duke of Shomolu Productions.

The former Emir encouraged young people to eschew fear and start building the country with their talents.

“To the young people, do not fear. This is your country. This is your future. Take hold of it. Work for it. Build it. Don’t let anyone tell you to run away because you have a degree. They say ‘Go to England, go to America,’ Sanusi said.

“This is your country. You are coming back here. Let’s work to build one for you and you also help us build this country for you.”

According to Sanusi, he only speaks out publicly against government policies after conferring with the concerned officials in private.

“People have said to me ‘Your problem is that you criticise the government publicly’. Many of them don’t know that before I go forward with public criticism, I would have spent months, maybe years, speaking to these government officials in private,” he said.

“We are in difficult times. This country will not move forward until Nigerians take ownership of their country. Politicians get into office and think they own us.

“They think they have earned the right to tell you when to speak and when not to speak. They think they have earned the right to control your view and they cannot be criticised. The truth is that they don’t have that right.”