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Botswana’s President Urges Swift Action On Trans-Kalahari Railway

BOTSWANA’S President Mokgweetsi Eric Masisi emphasised the need for accelerated progress on the Trans-Kalahari Railway project, connecting Botswana to Namibia, during his official visit to Namibia. Speaking in Swakopmund alongside Namibian counterpart Nangolo Mbumba, Masisi expressed frustration over the decade-long delay in the project’s completion.

‘This project should not be starting but rather in its final stages by now. It is imperative that we quickly address all pending matters to expedite the commencement of the project without delay,’ Masisi stated.


Masisi underscored the urgency of resolving outstanding issues to initiate the project promptly, noting its significant benefits for both countries and the broader region. His comments came during discussions aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation and economic ties between Botswana and Namibia.

The Trans-Kalahari Railway, a major infrastructure project intended to boost regional trade and connectivity, has been in the planning stages for over a decade. President Masisi’s call for swift action reflects the pressing need to actualize the project to foster economic growth and regional integration.

During his three-day visit, Masisi also participated in the Swakopmund International Trade Expo and toured the Namibian Port Authority facilities on Wednesday. He announced plans for a mid-term review of the inaugural Botswana-Namibia Bi-National Commission (BNC) in 2022, aimed at ensuring effective implementation of the outcomes from his visit.

Namibian President Mbumba echoed the importance of the project and highlighted the long-standing bilateral ties between the two nations. He emphasised the need for regular dialogue to enhance policy effectiveness and improve living conditions in both countries.

‘It is vital for our countries to engage in regular dialogue aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of policies that we pursue to develop our countries and improve the living conditions of our people,’ Mbumba said.

The discussions and activities during Masisi’s visit underscore the commitment of both nations to strengthen their partnership and advance mutual economic interests through projects like the Trans-Kalahari Railway.

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