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Biden, Trump Offer Competing Vision Of US Role In World

Ahead of their first presidential debate, Joe Biden and Donald Trump are offering sharply different visions of the US role in the world, both in style and substance.

The rare matchup between a current and former president puts their stark contrasts on display. Trump during his 2017-2021 presidency vowed to put “America First,” with a combative and often isolationist view of the world, while Biden took office in 2021 vowing “America is Back,” rekindling relationships with allies


The two presidents have some core beliefs in common. Both were adamant on pulling US troops out of Afghanistan, seeing America’s longest war as not worth the cost to American blood and treasure

But the two criticized each other on the implementation, in line with their strong public disagreements on most issues.

– Russia and Ukraine –
Biden has spearheaded international efforts to support Ukraine after Russia invaded the neighboring country — in defiance of his direct warnings — in February 2022.

With Biden’s encouragement, the US Congress has approved $175 billion in support for Ukraine, including weapons and budgetary support. Biden paid a surprise visit to Kyiv last year and has branded Russian President Vladimir Putin a “brutal tyrant.”

Trump has voiced skepticism over aid to Ukraine, saying he expects Russia to win, and his supporters in Congress held up the last military package to Kyiv for months.

Trump has boasted of quickly ending the war. His advisors have spoken of pushing a ceasefire, perhaps by warning Ukraine that aid will dry up unless it compromises on its borders — a suggestion adamantly rejected by Biden, who says only Ukraine should determine its future.

Trump has previously voiced admiration for Putin and was impeached as president for the first time over delaying military aid to Ukraine as he pressed President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Biden’s family.

– Middle East –
Trump during his presidency was a staunch supporter of Israel, taking landmark steps such as moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, which Palestinians also want as their future capital

Trump has charged that Biden has “abandoned” Israel. Biden, however, has long cast himself as a defender of Israel and has come under fire from the left of his Democratic Party over his support, including weapons and vetoes at the UN Security Council.

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