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Biden/Trump Debate And Some Lilly Livered Democrats, By Dr. Bayo Arowolaju Snr

You published recently that pressures are on President Joe Biden to step aside.

Yes after the Presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump on June 28, 2024, some stargazers Democrats who are so Lilly Livered have been Fidgeting and running their mouths. The main reason is that President Biden did not give the Lying Donald Trump a technical knockout without the ability to stand up again.


These people have forgotten that anyone only goes far to the extent to which he leaves his past behind him. If we are wailing concerning our disastrous past, the tears from our eyes will not enable us to see what glorious things tomorrow will bring.

This is why I vehemently disagreed with some wailing Lilly Livered Democrats about the performance of Joe Biden during the last debate.

The debate was about one and a half hours. They have allowed the “poor” performance of Biden to destroy his brilliant performance of three years and still counting. Common! Election is on November 5 and NOT August 5.

We should call them to order and not allow their tears to becloud the dynamics of American politics one or two months before the election. Wait for early voters, independent voters, and voters on the fence who are yet to make up their minds. At least 60% of American voters who are honest and not criminal-minded know that Donald Trump is a liar as often proven after fact-checks of his so-called facts! Did he not say that Joe Biden would be on drugs coming to the debate? Was that true?

Truth be told, the first 2024 American Presidential Election debate was rough and tough for Biden and the Democrats but history is on the side of Joe Biden and faithful Democrats.

Joe Biden is an incumbent President. In the recent past, history has cataloged the list of incumbent Presidents who have bounced back from disastrous first Presidential debates and won their Presidential elections. Please don’t ask me why this happened. If you want, my recurring answer will always hang on the dynamics of American politics, as mentioned earlier.

Let’s use the back view driving mirror.
In 1984, Ronald Reagan debated against Walter Mondale. The first debate was rough yet Reagan triumphed. In 1992, it was George H.W. Bush. It was Bill Clinton in 1996. It happened to George W. Bush in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2012. Very recently, it happened to Donald Trump in 2020. It will be the turn of Joe Biden in 2024. Let the church say Amen as history will repeat itself.

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