Edo LGA Election Scam: No Election, Obaseki To Write List For EDSIEC.

“THE section of Nigerians against State Police Force have valid argument if you factor the actions of governors like Obaseki against even members of PDP into consideration. If given the opportunity to create the proposed State Police Force, his duty will be to use it to fight his perceived enemies within the party and other dissenting voices, even withing the ranks of the civil societies who are always arm against him for his nefarious activities. It will be difficult to forget how he used the police in company of thugs, according to the those lawmakers that were never sworn in, to haunt them down in the hotels they were and eventually chase them out of the state even when he was yet in APC.

And more recently, through his agents within the PDP, unfortunately being managed by the Chairman of the Party, Tony Aziegbemi, he has issued a fiat that ‘whoever’ is found selling PDP nomination forms should be arrested by the police. Although this order is laughable, but on a serious note, the government of Edo State is not charged with the responsibility to sell nomination forms nor are its agents responsible for nomination of candidates for LGA elections.
The Party, PDP, is charged with the responsibility to sell forms to intended candidates, and it is the responsibility of PDP excos to nominate candidates from the PDP folds who will run against other candidates from different parties. The only responsibility of the state government through its independent electoral body is to conduct and monitor the LGA elections throughout the state, nothing more. Obaseki’s permanent ambition among other clandestine machinations is to erect the PDP Constitution upside down so that it will be standing on illegalities.
And the resistance against these tyrannous acts by Chief Dan Orbih, as well as some staunch stakeholders is what gives him grave nightmare even when he had said he was open to any harmonious resolution to settle the issues in Edo PDP. “