APC, PDP: Expire Their Vampire Empire!

THE Two Ruling Political Parties of Nigeria (TRUPPON) believe that we the pain-stricken victims of their bad governance are worthless idiots who can’t form a winning Political Structure. They think so because for 62 Years they & their predecessors ran over Nigerians unchallenged their Culture of Vulture Structure.

In 2023 let us prove them wrong. Let us prove to them that we the Sweet, Plain People of Nigeria are the Actual Winning Structure by Voting Peter Obi as President with Hurricane Landslide Victory. And thus send a permanent message centuries into the future of Nigeria, Africa and the Third World that as long as the Earth remaineth, Power belongs to God; to the People, voce dei voce populi, and that in every land the People are the Structure.

Furthermore, let us help President Peter Obi to SUCCEED EXCEEDINGLY by voting Labour Party at ALL levels nationwide.👨‍👨‍👦‍👦SHARE!

– 🇳🇬 Evang. Comrade Tony Akeni Le Moin, NCC-LIT, POMM in Assoc. with LPLV.