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APC Chieftain Blasts Party Over Imposition Of “Incompetent Gubernatorial Candidate” in Edo

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Prince Emmanuel Odigie, a prominent chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC) from Edo Central Senatorial District, has condemned what he describes as the imposition of an “incompetent candidate” by a select few in Abuja.


In an interview with Arise News, which was duly monitored by our correspondent, Odigie expressed deep dissatisfaction with the process that led to the emergence of Senator Monday Okpebholo as the APC’s gubernatorial candidate for the 2024 Edo State election.

Odigie did not mince words as he criticized the internal divisions within the APC and the flawed selection process.

Odigie said;

“APC has never been so fractionized. There are several camps in APC. The bedrock of good governance is the process in selecting our leaders,” he lamented. Drawing a stark comparison, he noted,

“Dr. Abati, it will amaze you to know that to employ a teller in a bank, even as small as a community bank, you write an aptitude test, you do an oral interview, and you are given a probation of three months or six months. If you are not able to perform, you are removed. But the process of selecting a leader, a Governor who will determine what happens to millions of people, is full of sham.”

Odigie expressed particular concern over the influence of individuals in Abuja who, according to him, are not necessarily familiar with the state’s needs yet have a significant say in the party’s candidate selection.

“A situation where a few people in Abuja, who may not necessarily be from the State, determine who gets the ticket of the party. There is no way we (APC) can ever get it right. There is no way we can achieve good governance if the process of electing a leader is not revisited,” he asserted.

Reflecting on the recent primaries, Odigie did not hold back. “The APC’s primary election that took place in Edo was a disgrace, in my opinion and in the opinion of so many other people. You know APC has never been so divided. There are different groups,” he said.

He highlighted the existence of factions within the party, such as the Integrity Group, who have announced their intention to soon release a statement distancing themselves from the current candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo.

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