Al Azhar -Al Shariff, Egypt Embassy To Support Islamic Propagation, By ABDULLAHI RABIU, Kano

AL-AZHAR Al-Sharif and the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt has said that it will continue to invest heavily in protecting and upholding the supremacy of the Glorious Qu’ran no matter the situation.
Making the disclosure during  a
Ceremony for the Memorizers of the Noble Qur’an in Kano state yesterday
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif has taken it upon herself to spread the values of tolerance among all Muslims.
It stated that  it will be apt  to consolidate on the true teachings of  Islam and what it entails of moderation and constant call for harmony,  cooperation among the Muslim Ummah.
“friendship and compassion among the
adherents of  Islamic nations in various Countries of the world; Al-Azhar Al-Sharif stand out as the major Islamic institute that is solid  on preserving the Islamic heritage, its study and dissemination.
These include carrying the Islamic messages  to all the nooks and cranny of the world, as well as working to show the reality of Islam and its constructive role in preserving the dignity of human being across the globe.
 and the advancement of human Civilization on the basis of values and principles of Islam and the noble morals that Islam encouraged”
Similarly, Al-Azhar Al-Sharif is always keen to send its best teachers includibg Professors from the Al Azhar  University to all the Countries of the world  to spread the principles of moderation and the true  values of Islam and  to preserved the Islamic identity of the people of the World .
Al Azhar  is at the forefront of ideal concept of  globalization and the factors surrounding it; such as  ideological deviation, though  extremism is rejected by the Islamic  religion.
“Nigeria has had the greatest share of this attention from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, as an affirmation of the close relationship
between the two brotherly Countries (the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Federal Republic of Nigeria). Under the generous guidance of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Nigeria.
However, members of the Al-Azhar mission in Kano had organised a religious Competition of memorization of  the Holy Qur’an for the Children of Kano state and work to select the best among them  in the  recitation of the noble Qur’an.
 It also organized an event where it honour  them based on their individual performances  to encourage other  Children in the state to memorize the Holy Qur’an and to compete among themselves in reciting it under close monitoring and supervision of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif and the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Nigeria.
Finally it  prayed that Allhah will help it in serving Islam and Muslims all over the world.