Akwa Ibom State Governor Reacts Over Supreme Court Verdict

AKWA Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, on Friday congratulated President Bola Tinubu over his Supreme Court victory.

Governor Eno noted that the victory has put an end to all the litigations against the President’s emergence at the February 25, 2023 elections.

The Governor who sent his congratulations at a “Thank You Meeting” by Christian Leaders in the state, on Friday, said although Akwa Ibom State is a Peoples Democratic Party state, his government would continue to align with the centre to attract developments to the state.

“I want to congratulate the president, His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his victory at the supreme court. This has indeed ended all the litigations trailing the president’s emergence at the February 25, 2023 elections.”

Governor Eno noted that although the country is going through hardship occasioned by the removal of oil subsidy, his administration would make sure that every available resource is not wasted on frivolities but deployed for optimal benefits of the generality of the people

“When I say there is no money, I mean there is no money to throw around but there is money to do good things. There is money to do every good thing. Money to do investments will not be a problem in this state. Money by itself is a scarce commodity. If you throw money around like that, it will lose its value”.

He also thanked the clergymen for not allowing divisive ethnic sentiments to saturate the church community, urging them to strive to keep the church united, irrespective of political or ethnic affiliations, to be in sync with his administration’s disposition.

He reassured the group of his commitment to lead a united and prosperous Akwa Ibom State, to justify the confidence the church and entire people of the state reposed in him during the last gubernatorial election.

Earlier, the State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Bishop Christian Nyong, said the Church community was impressed with Pastor Umo Eno’s leadership strides

The CAN leader told the governor that the meeting was a representation of the various blocs that constitute the church community in the state and would engender greater support of Christians in the state toward the success of the present administration being led by one of their own.