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A’Ibom LG Polls: Gov Eno Spells Gender Ratio On PDP Representation By Egufe Yafugborhi & Chioma Onuegbu

UYO – AHEAD of forthcoming People Democratic Party (PDP) congresses and Local Government (LG) elections in Akwa Ibom state, Governor Umo Eno has directed party stakeholders to embrace affirmative action to ensure fair representation of women in the race for available elective seats.

Governor Eno expressed the concern yesterday at a meeting with leaders, elders and other PDP Akwa Ibom stakeholders in Uyo where he also gave a run down on his stewardship on his administration so far


He declared, “Everything we do as we head to the forthcoming Party Congresses and LG elections must be geared towards steadying the PDP on the path of successive electoral conquest. That is why we are proposing that we must allow for inclusion in terms of gender in the spread of offices in the forthcoming LG elections.

“In specific terms, we must produce at least two women as candidates and support them to win as chairpersons of councils in each of the three Senatorial Districts of the State and in LGAs we have a male as Candidate we must deliberately field females as running mates and support them to win.

“Again if a certain LGA has 10 wards, at least 4 out of the 10 Wards must produce female candidates and support them to become councilors.”

The Governor further advised the Party hierarchy to adhere to principle of zoning and push for inclusion of all blocs throughout the congresses and LG elections.

On his stewardship so far at the helms of the State Government, Eno summed that, “In the last 365 days, we have as a government made remarkable efforts to spread different development projects and interventions across the different Local Government Areas of this state.

“For instance, under the ‘One Project Per LGA’, we had asked elders and stakeholders to select projects in line with needs of their communities and we are happy to announce that we have completed and inaugurated several of such projects, while several are also ready for inauguration.

“We have already directed commencement of the 2nd Phase of the ‘One Project PerLGA’ with the directive that LGAs who had chosen a school in the first phase should choose hospital in this phase. This is in keeping with my avowed pledge to Akwa Ibom people to pursue massive rural development.”

He hinted that the Ibom Air brand expects a brand new airbus soonest in addition to manpower training of Pilots and Engineers, just as his administration has built and handed over ARISE compassionate homes to the vulnerable and elderly, targeting total 400 homes for this segment of the populace.

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