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African Youths, Wake Up From Slumber, By Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach

It is a well-apprehensive fact that African youth are trading ignorance on governance. Nigerian youths that are well-endowed with credibility for good governance, just like other African youths have blocked and damaged emerging and existing opportunities to trend politically. Hence, the spirit of slumber engulfed in political firmaments of African youths especially that of Nigerian youths has supported Africa political corridors with brim of locks. Youths that must stand for themselves have made exclusive availability to be used as machineries to these old and inglorious politicians. It is therefore so worrisome that youths are no longer supporting one another for political participation and fast-forwardness.

All political illness in Africa as fired by records should take giant strides from Nigeria following numerously-inclined characters found in Nigerian youths due to their vast knowledge and strong efforts. And unfortunately enough, even as we have a young visionary like Tunde Eso who has propounded a new system of government called “Youthocracy-is defined as government of the people, by the youth and for the people” in year 2013; the new ideology has up till now, not been awarded – on the originator, Tunde Eso, by the governments and the youths for over 10 years of birth of Youthocracy, which some countries in Africa and developed countries are already running sensitisation seminars and programmes on it. This common problem of not promoting new ideologies is among Africa’s leading lacks to better growth and development.


Citing a famous reference, a system of government called “Democracy” which globally accepted definition is by Abraham Lincoln was supported and promoted by United States and other democratic nations of the world and, by the judicious use of democracy, United States is now a developed nation for acknowledging Abraham Lincoln’s ideology – Democracy. Similarly, if Nigerians and Africans can replicate spirit of Americans on democracy – to as youthocracy, in Nigeria and Africa at large, we definitely set to see better results in governance. Let the youths take their stand – they should be tested and trusted; for the future of Africa belongs to the youths and not these old and ill-hearted politicians that care less or not for youths and citizens.

We can see developmental governance of the Republic of France under a young visionary, Emmanuel Macron. We have a lot of them in different countries. If Africans can copy them, we would see similar changes. African youths are industrious, brave, powerful and workaholic – with their creative contributions; they can drive political engines of Africa. It is on this note; I urge our youths to explore their ideologies and, support existing ideologies especially that of Tunde Eso – the Youthocracy that defines and positions youths in the forefront of political inclusion. Connectivity and ideologies are most needed by young visionaries – by acknowledging this, it is friendly to triumph on Africa politics as youths.

In all indications, it is seen that carelessness of our politicians has plugged African youths into kidnapping, armed robbery, gambling and the rest alike. These old and ill-hearted politicians are living luxuriously with their households across the continent and, the globe at large with wealth of citizens and youths whereas, youths are enveloped in sufferings and citizens are enveloped with insecurities.

Basically, freedom is not earned in peace rather, in fight. These old politicians can never leave until the youths take necessary measures aligning with youthocratic features to take over governance across the continent. Therefore, it is a right time to stress on Youthocracy as Africa no longer perceives real fragrance of democracy. That is why; it is opined to subscribe Youthocracy to Africa governance.

There is nothing bad in trying. Hopefully, just as democracy prevailed at its earliest time and, it is still prevailing in some developed and developing countries, so as Youthocracy can be, if promoted and supported by visionary leaders and vibrant youths across Africa.

African youths are encouraged to tour histories of African nationalists – through military or democratic governments; African nationalists and visionary leaders that helped gain independence in our various Africa States, did it at youthful age. Again, many great leaders we ever have both in political and human rights corridors were all young during their emergence. Just as natures don’t lie, old citizens can’t do more than young citizens.

Hence, it is appropriate for elderly citizens to serve as leading consultants on political grounds because of their wealth of knowledge and level of wisdom, to the young citizens. Pressing further, I do urge African youths to go through histories again in order to consult some courageous and sacrificial services as discharged by African nationalists at their youthful age.

In fighting for better and new system of governance, the citizens must join hands with visionaries, human rights activists, and intellectuals to launch the campaign and constructive protests as a way of projecting new system of government. Essentially, youths must get ready to promote themselves through Youthocracy. African youths need to promote Tunde Eso and his ideologies. African visionary leaders and well-meaning Africans need to support and promote Tunde Eso just as Americans did and, still doing to Abraham Lincoln.

Very attracting, Senegalese have acknowledged parts of Youthocracy through democratic notions; indirectly. Therefore, I must congratulate Senegalese for this move as I do encourage the rest of Africans to do this in their subsequent general elections.

Henceforth, Nigerians in particular, I look forward to seeing arrangements for enthronement of youthocratic governance before, during and beyond 2027 general election. And, for the few visionary leaders serving under respective governments across Africa, I do encourage to start supporting and promoting young visionaries with youthocratic parameters. Most importantly, African youths must wake up from slumber. Look for connectivity and ideologies on how to strategize in taking over governance with democratic or youthocratic measures. However, having seen how democracy is no longer used appropriately in Africa, I suggest we go through or test youthocratic governance henceforth to see if it can work – for total adoption across the continent.

Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, Author of books, Journalist and Kogi State Coordinator of Fix Nigeria Group.

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