Africa, The King Turned Slave In His Own Palace, By Precious I. Amukpo

LATELY, I have been posting videos and pictures depicting the atrocities of the Imperialists in Africa during slavery and ensuing colonization of Africa and one may be quick to conclude that I’m trying to spread hate amongst Africans towards the western world, especially my cacausian friends following this page.

But here it is: I’m not trying to spread hate but only trying to refresh our memories with facts of history regarding the age old unspeakable atrocities visited on Africa… Memories about the genocides the Imperialists committed in Africa and how they escaped retribution and rather rewarded selves with majority of Africa’s treasures and resources, both human and natural, carted away whilst deceiving us in the name of their fabricated god and devil story and the spreading of so-called civilization aided by suppressive religion they fabricated whereas the actual mission was slavery, brutality and colonization; things far from civility and the love of God and neighbours taught in their religion that they never practiced nor intended to. That all of these evidently preceded my page creation is fact attracting no debate.

Here we are upon the sands of history. The 21st century present renewed SCRAMBLE for Africa. It is very much on and strong at this present day and time and at a very speedy rate… Competitively fierce amongst the racial divides of the western world and the Asian with China taking the lead. It is therefore not just the Imperialists of Europe and America coming to ravage Africa again but also China the major player, closely followed is Israel, India and other sub interests. Recall that colonization began as a form of trade between the Europeans and Africans, disguised actually, and consequently enabled the platform for the docilization, enslavement, suppression and colonization of the black race with exploitation and extorting and a ravaging of her human and natural resources as the consequent results. Modern Slavery then followed in our Era and the rest is history.

Shouldn’t this bother us as Africans enough for the leadership to be seen as adequately concerned both in words and actions sufficient enough to put the apprehensions of all concerned Africans to rest?

One may ask, why the renewed vigorous interest in Africa by these contesting invaders listed above? The answer is simple; where the carcass is, there the eagles and vultures are gathered! So… You guessed right; treasures and selfish interests is their sole desire. No one longs after even a desert plain unless there is the promise of Crude Oil or Precious Metals or Diamonds or other highly valuable underground treasures.

There really is no problem with these hawks coming to Africa to trade. But their evil agenda is to repossess Africa. The question therefore is; in all of these renewed vigor to reposess Africa in another scramble, WHAT IS IN IT FOR AFRICA? WHAT IS THE AGENDA BEHIND THESE NEW TRADES IN DISGUISE… THESE RENEWED INVESTMENTS… HUGE LOANS AND ALL?

The ANSWER screaming out loud is NOTHING! Rather… Modern Day Slavery stares Africa in the face…AGAIN!!!

China is planning real good and on course to recolonize Africa with it’s strategic debt trap… You know… Diplomatic relationships… Investing hugely in infrastructural developments by these freely granted loans with stringent repayment plans difficult to meet all over Africa. And to counter this, the United States has also immersed self in massive investments in Africa, especially so in South Africa more than anywhere else within the continent over and above China. The British also has certain quantifiable investments amounting to a lot within Africa. Interestingly enough, India, a fellow third world nation, is not left out in this socioeconomic gangsterism and intrusion into Africa, though with compliance this time by greedy leaders… They are flocking in like opposing cults over fiercely contested economically viable cartels! The Indians own Airtel communication networks in Nigeria and other notable African Nations. The list of other minor scramblers is endless.

In all this sadly, Africans by and large still flood the lands of these foreign scramblers of her rich land, these enemies of Africa, in search of the Golden Fleece believed to be in these so-called greener pastures because of the mass failure of African Leaders to manage her resources sufficiently enough to create the enabling environment for her teeming citizenry to thrive….whereas, in actual fact, it is the monies and mights of Africa that made all these so-called imperial powers! And as recompense for this crave for these foreign lands, Africans find themselves treated worse than animals, with constant humiliation of the black race in the various nations of this so-called imperial worlds even as far as mindless harassments, jailing, and deportation… Even killings!! Especially so are Nigerians singled out for these base treatments. See how they treat their pets on animals protection programs on National Geographic Wild.

Interestingly enough, Africa’s yet dumber than the dumbest leaders and government officials roll out the red carpet for these haters of her people whenever they visit or come to work and live in Africa! Observe closely how Chinese business owners treat African workers in their factories, albeit being given only the rock bottom openings and basest jobs, right under our noses? Yet these are businesses and factories situated right here in our fatherland! Again, the concerned agencies headed by the dumber than the dumbest bribery and illicit gains loving officials condone all these right in our own space before our very eyes!! Feeding fat upon cut backs and illicit percentages, they are silent and consequently become the useful Idiots to these unholy causes in Africa.

Africa is largely being plundered and downtrodden and kept underdeveloped on account of the well understurdied established weaknesses of her leadership class; a thing that lends well utilized advantage to the vast global enemies of her progress right from the very onset of the several uninvited incursions into her private space by these greedy thieving marauder bands disguised as traders and civilization bringing well meaning people whereas they are far from everything civil even as their activities in Africa over the centuries attests.

They have since labelled the black race inferior humans while these so-called imperialists view and place themselves as superior and with African leaders sheepishly accepting, more by actions than words as these unapologetically disrespects and totally disregard anything and everything African. And where they find minds awake and alert to their evil dispositions and are quick to expose and condemn these. Are such ones worthy of respect? they plot and do away with through propaganda and well disguised terrorist activities. Examples of such ones were Idi Amin of Uganda, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, and Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya to name a few… Also in the diaspora we had the likes of Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X in America and Marcus Garvey in Jamaica, South America…etc…etc…all of blessed memories.

If African leaders yet remain fools on account of their selfish greed, the citizens of Africa are no such fools. Look at the way Nigerian government of the past senselesly yanked away history from the education curriculum of Nigeria! And successive governments thereafter have not been wiser for it!! How can the descendants of a people forge the right paths for themselves and generations after them if history is lost to them? How can a tree grow without roots? These dumb leaders are part of the problems and so can NEVER be the solution bringers. African history needs to be returned and taught in our schools.

Nevertheless, Africans of the 21st Century, especially the youths, are no fools as their forefathers… We know what’s going on and we don’t plan to just be a sitting duck awaiting your planned annihilation of the black race! It will fail… It must fail!! Even your God that you preach detests what you are doing unless everything you ever taught Africa are totally lies even as your conducts prove it to be so. And even at that, karma is hot on your heels and retribution is eager to pay you all back. And if the fear of retribution and reprisals has driven your lot to a point of no return, why not repent for Africans are too noble and forgiving to degenerate to your evil level. However, vindictive Justice must overrun you even as is deserving if you persist in your evil course.

Learn this and again we repeat:

We are not the illiterates our forefathers were for the most part… We have learned and since discovered and is now exposing your age old deceits in perfected disguises over the ages. We have shaken off your cheap mesmerizing objects of hypnotism reposed in cheap trade items and gifts you carted away from our expensive natural blessings and resources both in money and might… Whatever our current dumb fathers are taking from you shall and their undertakings shall not be binding upon us. We shall rise as bold and strong African youths, and in one accord soon enough, despite your divide and rule tactics, and say no to modern day colonization. Yes!!! No to Neo colonialism and No to your so-called imperialism and slavery.

Enough is enough!!!

The Labors, Sweat and Shed Blood of our Heroes Past and Ancestors shall NEVER be in vain. Never again shall Africa be dominated and oppressed as she once was. Africa is our birthright and any man who acts against the favour and progress of Africa is an enemy of Africa and shall be thus treated and shall therefore face eviction in due course…

Africa is the pride of the one single black nation; the backbone of the black man globally.

This is our home and our blessing and our collective pride! Nobody can rule over a King in his own palace. It’s an abomination and a Taboo. I call on all Africans home and in the diaspora to join hands together and let’s rise to redeem our blessed land Africa! African History will never and can never be erased in generations to come. Our Ancestors may have passed on to us an Oral History but we will pass on to our descendants and generations after us A DOCUMENTED DIGNIFIED TRUE AND AUTHENTIC AFRICAN HISTORY AND HERITAGE.



God bless you and God bless Africa in the Name of our Ancestors.